2022/23 Alex Iwobi


Player Valuation: £15m
I love Iwobi, and I'm like this with all the players - I want them to come good even if they look rubbish at first. We really really have to give ALL our players a chance even if they're playing badly. Or even if they're not that good! A good manager & DOF will decide. You just never know what is going on with them at Finch Farm, in their family, personal life, health, whatever - the coaching, tactics - it all needs to come together for them to play well. On top of that they need the manager's support - either tough love or the arm around the shoulder. I hope our experience with Iwobi shows we should just support our players unconditionally. At the moment, Keane, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Davies, even Rondon, Pickford (Cos he STILL only gets grudging, mild praise from national media) - players like that just need us! Sometimes we just make simple, binary judgements - ' they're getting paid so much, they have to play well!!' but its not that simple! What recent years and Iwobi's case (and Dominic Calvert-Lewin too) show us that what we are like on social media and in the stands 100% gets through to them!
Brilliant post.
Some players have been slaughtered coming here before they`d even kicked a ball.
i`ll never forget how much I was buzzing when we signed Iwobi, i couldn`t even believe we had got him. Probably because of the Arsenal connection but still.
Got to get behind the lads through thick and thin.


Player Valuation: £50m

Interesting discussion in the comments after this, on toxic environments and being played in the right / wrong position.

Guardian Pick
Iwobi was deployed as a wide forward at Arsenal - he did OK but it's not his best position and the negativity (around the Emirates at the time) did not help the performances of a young player whenever he struggled.
Lampard recognised his abilities, identified a position that he thought he could thrive in and gave him the support that he needed to go onto the pitch and make Everton better.
Sometimes, the difference between young players "fizzling out" and maximising their potential is a move to a more amenable environment. This allows them to develop without a backdrop of impatient fans and pressured managers happy to toss them on the scrapheap at the first patchy run of form.
I hope it continues going well for him and Everton. Well done to Lampard.
It’s great to see him getting praise from all corners now but this post is insinuating Evertonians are patient fans when in reality we hammered him for being crap for years so clearly doesn’t have a clue what they’re on about!
We all love him now he’s performing though, there’s nothing like an underdog story, rising up against the odds!


Player Valuation: £80m
And with a bit of zip as well. It was that zip which caused the nice bit of miscontrol and bounce for Maupay to score a belter
.funny thing was thinking watching that, sine balls we're hitting now have a kit of pace on them, reckon it's because players are starting to realise that we now have players that can handle that and control it, so as that confidence grows about players trusting each other to 'not be bad' the pace of our attacking play will improve a lot.

Can see it clearest amongst the two cbs they arent looking flustered anymore but in control and it's spreading throughout the side now. Players are starting to look around and trust the guys around them to not 'f' up
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