6 + 2 Point Deductions

Me too but it also makes me think there may well be so much underhand dealing which Moshiri doesn’t want made public if he made a noise so some sort of warped agreement was struck. The hearing and appeal weren’t public. Why not? Details of the charges were public.

Might be well wide of the mark but the almost silence over it all from the club is deafening.

You give the club too much credit

There is a belief amongst a fair number of Evertonians, warranted I believe, that if we were to get relegated that the club would go into freefall.
Everything about this club reeks of misery and dejection.
Other than supporters, there is no one fighting our corner. No rallying cry, no galvanising statement (which is what Forest have done), we have nothing.
I would rather we went down fighting than feebly accepting what some chinless bellwhiffs have decided.
I mean the whole club, supporters to players to tea ladies. If only we had someone to go on the front foot.

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