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4 4 2 does still work though mate, so long as you do it right

I know it does, but you need the players Mikey and we currently dont have them sadly, you need different types of players that fit into the side, for example you need a number 6 in midfield, somebody who covers the whole "line" and you need a number 8 with magic in their boots, not to mention 2 players on the wing who can get up and down all day.

So, no Mikey, we dont have the players.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Dont have the players for 4-5-1 either. No one in midfield who gets up past Rom.

Valencia/Rom could work. One scores goals, doesnt work hard. The other works hard, doesnt score goals.

Also get Davies and Holgate in.



Player Valuation: £1.5m
I would LOVE to see a 4312 formation. Would make us compact, 2 strikers with the ability to PRESS and should make us good on the counter.






Joel was one of our best players last season, can't remember him making daft mistakes anyway like. would like to see Holgate come in too. Don't wanna talk about the defence we know how bad we've been.

Solid midfield 3, Barry central with Gueye everywhere and Barkley deeper picking the ball up starting attacks (something he has shown in the past he is very good at - he gets lost in the no.10 role but confidence is a huge factor in that...) Must add I think we have missed Besic more than some people realise - adds tenacity and is no mug on the ball.

Deulofeu in a free role I’ve been wanting for some time. In fact I’ve been wanting him get a successive un of games for some time now… Showed glimpses at Watford – mad how some people think he isn’t good enough now. Unfair to judge on 20 min subs where we are usually chasing and desperate in games. Magic in those boots for sure.

Think everyone would agree that we need to play 2 up top. We’re at home FFS. 4231 hasn’t been working for about 3 years. Get the fans up and show intent. That’s half the battle…

Anyway – this won’t happen but you know I’m bored here and angry with our shower of [Poor language removed].
Not open for further replies.
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