10 most seismic Everton matches.

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Talk Sport/Paddy Barclay doing a piece about United's, cos he has a book out I think.

Got me thinking. Not the best, and not always for the best reasons. But ones that if turned out different, well, things might be different now.

Clumsy intro, but hope you get the drift.

Some obvious ones for me.

Coventry and Wimbledon to get them out of the way.

Both Bayern semis.

Spurs semi in 95. Demolished. Plus the final, obvs.

Getting 4th, then Villareal.

Watford FA Cup.

Oxford away.

Bearing in mind we have probably play a gazzillion matches, and I havnt included one league winning game, fully expect a varied, er, variation.

Saint Domingo

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Seismic ones are there for all to see. There's been some recently that have been big. The cup semi v United, best chance in ages to end the silverware drought. Home game v Palace, could have provided the boost to get CL. Fiorentina at home. Again, we potentially would have been favourites then to win that tournament.

Geoff Nulty

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That defined who we are and where we are today.
It could have been a whole different story

We've let it define us. And a complacent board allowed the club to drift into obscurity. It could have been a whole different story, you're right, but we - the club, I mean - could have written a completely different one again. Regardless of Heysel, it didn't have to be this way.
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