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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

  2. DevineEFC

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Signing players on loan on Transfer Deadline Day. Never Change Everton.
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    Transfer Rumour Joe Hart Hart set to leave, wants to stay in Prem. Everton would be interested but no formal contact from either party yet
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    Transfer Rumour Juan Mata

    "It Will Happen." the tingles those words gave me.
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    Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

    That's what worries me about De Boer, is he just another 'type' of Martinez. Has an attractive style but no Plan B? The next manager has to be totally adaptable.
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    Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

    I doubt Sammy Lee would come near us. Besides ... Isn't Koemans brother Erwin his assistant?
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    Confirmed: Roberto Martinez Sacked

    Awards Postponed
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    Everton. I hate you.

    Hate's turned into Embarrassment
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    Semi Final Pubs

    Just watching that 09 video, everyones on Fosters though? Can you bring your own stuff in or..?
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Same as usual allocation then, only managed to get back for 1 home game this year. Definitely missing the requirements when the STH are sorted. Anyone not going? 1-2 Spares pretty please
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    15/16 ST holders, half Season Ticket & Corporate are defo around 32000 arent they? Going to be a real scramble to get one this time.
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Home games this season only is it? Late to the any spares party already, so joining the queue, and hoping for two ;) anyone help me out?
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    Seamus Coleman

    Seami and Rachel had a daughter today, Lilly Coleman. A new little Toffee. ;)
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    RS and West Ham fans seem to be furious they've seemingly missed out here .. Wouldn't mind just getting this wrapped up now.
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    £3m for an emerging English full back is a bit of a steal .. considering what Clyne/Shaw have gone for. Competition for places and a decent player. A Smart, virtually inexpensive, buy. Well in Everton.
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    Everton 2015 AGM - EFC Shareholders Association's 41 questions submitted for the Board

    Not well enough to travel from London. Something long term lingering on the poor man unfortunatly
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    Muhamed Besic

    He was the only bright spark in the league from Dec-Feb when everything about our game was rotting and we were well on our way to relegation .. untill RM finally realized the trouble we were in and went 442 against newcastle, Besic was carrying the side in terms of work rate & effort for every...
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    Mourinho in foul mouthed F-word rant at Martinez

    We've really ruined his summer. Poor Jose, He'll resign before Christmas ...
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    Transfer Window Thread

    French Paper came out with it ...