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  1. Magus

    Defending Set Pieces

    I haven't read the full thread, so I don't know how much emphasis has been placed on Pickford's role in the shambolic defending. As a spectator I don't trust him, and I would think his erratic decision-making affects those playing in front of him. He doesn't always come out when you expect him...
  2. Magus

    Match Thread Millwall v Everton, FA Cup 4th round, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    After a full week of premature celebrations from Utd fans (working in Warrington at the time),I played that on a ghetto blaster just before leaving work on the day before the final. I got a very dirty look from the boss but just stared back and sang along. Great memories.
  3. Magus

    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

    He doesn't seem to know when to turn a ball around the post rather than back into play. I know he did that with the header at Burnley but that seemed to have more to do with the angle of the header. Against Spurs he repeatedly parried the ball back into the box. He also seems to lose...
  4. Magus

    New Stadium Discussion

    The consultations are designed to flush out potential issues which can then be addressed before finalising the proposals at planning application stage. I'm not sure why they are doing two rounds of consultation, because they will again be expected to demonstrate how issues identified at the...
  5. Magus

    New Stadium Discussion

    I have already outed Trump.
  6. Magus

    2018/19 Marco Silva

    Dave is the Trump of GoT - can't be wrong about anything. He even has an orange face for his avatar.
  7. Magus

    Marco Silva

    All these naysayers have got me wanting to bruise my wrists.
  8. Magus

    New Stadium Discussion

    Yes, we did the damage and then benefitted from it.
  9. Magus

    Sam Allardyce

    Yes he could have forced the issue, but I have more respect for the fact he chose to honour his contract. I thought our approach was ethically dubious at the time, but appointing Sam was a moment of panic. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he just seems to be winging it...
  10. Magus

    Sam Allardyce

    I've already said I fancied Silva based on the style of football he was getting from the Watford team. I haven't seen Shaktar so I can't comment on Fonseca's credentials. I don't think you can just dismiss Silva because of his relegation with Hull or the subsequent tailing off at Watford, which...
  11. Magus

    Sam Allardyce

    I wish the apologists would stop trying to deflect criticism by bringing up the lack of other suitable candidates. As far as I am concerned that was more of a timing issue. The fact remains that Sam has failed to instil any kind of organisation or determination into the squad. I watched the...
  12. Magus

    New Stadium Discussion

    I think the original bid was £600,000, but then he broke his leg and the doubts over his full recovery meant that we got him for just £60,000. What a steal.
  13. Magus

    New Stadium Discussion

    Kite-flying could be a great spectacle, dog walking less so.
  14. Magus

    Match Thread Everton v Brighton & Hove Albion, KO 15:00 Sat 10th March

    None of our line-ups look good to me :(
  15. Magus

    Unsworth should have been kept in charge

    Its all opinion of course, but none of us can say categorically what might have happened.
  16. Magus

    Unsworth should have been kept in charge

    We can hypothesise all we like about the West Ham game, but for me that had more to do with Unsworth than Allardyce, as he chose and prepared the team. If the players really only responded because a new man was sat in the stands as some believe then it just shows how unprofessional and...
  17. Magus

    Sam Allardyce

    I know someone who once sat next to him during a match against Bolton at Goodison. Sam was talking into his little mic to the touchline staff throughout. My mate's conclusion was that Sam is clueless, and appeared to be watching a different game. At the time I thought he couldn't be that...
  18. Magus

    Homepage Update: The Frustration of Humiliation...

    Can't agree with your characterisation of Jags. He is no longer the player he was, but in his time here he has put in many outstanding defensive performances and led by example. He didn't get into the England team by chance, but because he has been one of the best defenders around. He may not...
  19. Magus

    January 2018 transfer window thread.

    I admire your optimism, but can't say I share it at the moment.