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    Iconic song for new stadium

    Moving to a new stadium??? If we have a big new home end as detailed in the drawings we should have an iconic song. Lots of good songs about Everton throughout the years but with the move? I would hope that some blue can come up with an iconic song. We hate that song that the RS sing but it is...
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    Watford violence Not condoning this but maybe Silva should get some if our fans in to show our team of cowards how to fight
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    Watford violence

    Not condoning this. But maybe Silva needs to get some of our fans in to teach this bunch of cowards some fighting spirit
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    No fight

    Started watching us in the late sixties boys pen.Suppose I was spoilt. Great team to watch. But that team could also put themselves about. Lots of hard teams like Leeds, City we would match them if that's what they wanted. Bally would go mad if he thought someone wasn't trying. Even the...
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    An Everton goal

    An Everton goal and the crowd went wild. The Everton fan on crutches able to walk unaided again. Just shows the power of an Everton Goal
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    The perfect storm

    Like others have said I have supported Everton since mid 60s but think this is one of the worst Everton teams I have ever seem. Seen some bad teams in 70s and 90s and thought at various times this could be our year to go down but we always managed to scrape through. This team No pace in the...
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    Leighton baines

    Bainsy has never been the best defender, great going forward. Someone on here posted about Watford match said it was sad but Leighton,s legs had gone and how sad it was. His attacking hasn't been as good this year. Thought he struggled yesterday and have to say I blame him for United's...
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    Ched Evans

    Maybe we should sign this guy. Available on a free transfer. He's paid his debt for a horrible crime. He is due to hear his appeal soon so he may end up,being innocent after all. Is he worth a punt? He has something to prove. Press seems to have gone hysterical about him.
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    Villa sale

    Seen that Lerner has put villa up for sale. Will be interesting to see what happens. It's been years for us and still nothing. Excuses Old ground Name not specific to their city Not in the media as much as the big four Oh sorry that's villa as well as us. Lets see how many offers villa get
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    Postponed matches

    The palace game got me thinking of other postponed games. My first one was WBA away in the early 70's. Got off the train at Smethick I think. Police escorted us to the ground through the snow. On reaching the ground the police informed us that the game had been cancelled about an hour and a...
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    The reality

    Now the dust has settled after Tuesday. Yes we got beat. We lost the early goal to them. That allowed them to sit back and hit us on the break. We panicked and let them have 2 easy goals. We should have got to half time 1-0 and I think we could have got back in the game. Gerard would...
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    Get big Vic back

    We need big Vic back now. We are short up front. He never got a chance at Everton. Was at West brom last week and when he came on he terrorised us. We could get him back at a cheaper price. He's got pace and power and most of all he wants to play for us.
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    Moyes should leave now

    Firstly moyes has done a great job for us. Now he has left us for one of our most hated teams. No compensation cos he's out of contract. How much will it cost us to get a replacement. Yes the blame lies with out board once again. What kind of business has no plan B. oh yes I forgot our...
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    The long ball game

    Just another thought on Gerrard,s comments. The RS last three goals. Gerrard,s 50 yard free kick to Suarez against us. Similar free kick 50 yards against Swansea. Yesterday 80 yard long ball against Newcastle for Suarez to score. So when is a team a long ball team?
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    ticket for Grand National 14th April

    Message on Liverpool FC website Hi I'm Pepe Reina. If anyone has got a ticket For Grand National Day Let Me know
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    M5 crash

    Just hope and pray no blues were involved in this crash today
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    the big teams

    I hate the way Liverpool only really play well against the big teams!!