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  1. Tipp blue

    Everton Questions

    Just a bit of fun, post your own questions I'll start with an easy one, Where did Everton first play their home games?
  2. Tipp blue

    Win big or win blag?

    Would you rather we beat Liverpool 4-0 and have dominated the entire game or have us play rubbish for 92 and score a Maradonna like handball goal in the 93rd and win 1-0
  3. Tipp blue

    Win big or win Blag?

    Would you rather we beat Liverpool 4-0 and have dominated the entire game or have us play rubbish for 92 and score a Maradonna like handball goal in the 93rd and win 1-0
  4. Tipp blue

    Silva tapping up complaint.

    We've paid Watford another 4 million to make this go away,
  5. Tipp blue

    Deadline day

    Will Gana get his move? Will we bring anyone in?
  6. Tipp blue

    Once Everton has touched you.

    What a difference 8 months make.
  7. Tipp blue

    What's changed since the Derby game.

    Just read an article it asked that question what's gone wrong. Up until the Derby game we looked good even if the results weren't always there but now, we are not pressing high like we did, the counter attack has stopped and we have reverted back to being painfully slow in possession. I can't...
  8. Tipp blue

    Next manager out

    We are becoming a sacking club, Watford Mrk 2.
  9. Tipp blue

    Remaining home fixtures 21 points available looks tough.

    We have a very tough home run in, Wolves, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, United and lastly Burnley. How many wins do you think we'll get?
  10. Tipp blue

    Christmas decorations

    Can someone tell me how to explain to the missus that it's not and I quote "stupid and immature for a 36 year old man sulk and argue over red decorations on a Christmas tree.
  11. Tipp blue

    Can we break into the big 5?

    So we get up to 6 and suddenly there's a big 5
  12. Tipp blue

    Funniest things you've heard shouted at a game?

    I remember one game V Bolton years ago when Arteta scored a screamer, Uri Rennie was the ref and made a mess of a call and someone behind me Shouted "Rennie you give me heartburn"
  13. Tipp blue

    Ellis Simms

    17 year old has scored 21 goals in 11 games for our U18's has an U23 call up but should he get a senior call up? He's already older than Vaughan or Rooney was when they got their call up's, or would he be better left under age for another year or 2? The Kid looks awesome Big Fast Strong and...
  14. Tipp blue

    Best 11 outside the "Big six"???

    Best XI outside the "Big Six"?: GK - Jordan Pickford RB - Seamus Coleman CB - Kurt Zouma CB - Harry Maguire LB - Patrick van Aahnolt CM - Rúben Neves CM - Jean-Michaël Seri RM - Theo Walcott CAM - Gylfi Sigurdsson LM - Wilfried Zaha ST - Jamie Vardy
  15. Tipp blue


    Anyone else sick of this stupid formation, especially at home against supposedly weaker teams, I do believe that this formation has cost us a lot of points over the past few seasons. I'd much rather see 4-1-3-2 or the good old fashioned 4-4-2
  16. Tipp blue

    New PL rules

    The PL may bring in a rule that stops injury time subs, good or bad?? Any other rules you'd like to see? Personally I'd like to see a rule come in that if a player goes to ground "injured" the physio can come on while play continues so the game doesn't stop. It would put an end to fake injury...
  17. Tipp blue

    Loaned out players who to Sell or Keep?

    We have plenty of players out on loan some older Mirallas Bolasie who we should sell but plenty in their mid 20's like Pennington who's 23 Luke garbett 25, at what age do we say look you're 20 whatever now and on loan every year time to seek a new club. In my opinion if your going to make it...
  18. Tipp blue

    Best goal scored against us?

    I hate any goal scored against us, but as football fans I'm sure we can appreciate a great goal, I'd have to say Alan Shearer's volley is in my opinion the best goal we've let in.
  19. Tipp blue

    Who should be Club Captain

    Not many leaders anywhere on the field, Jags has been captain for a while but will surely not play as much this year, Baines has been captain from time to time but likewise may find playing time hard to come by, in my opinion the only real option is Coleman.