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    Do you need balls to be a football manager.

    Right, before I start, this thread could go in most of the forums, so move it as appropriate. I've just been reading about Tihana Nemcic a female Croatian international footballer, who has just been appointed as coach to, NK Victorija Vojokovac a mens team from Croatia's 5th division. It got...
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    Can't think of a decent title

    If we had to change our "tune" from Z Cars to something else, what would you like the new one to be, and why?
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    Manager signings.

    David Moyes has been at Everton for 10 years, and in that time he has bought a lot of players, I don't know how many for certain, but a lot. Out of them all, which one has surprised you the most, surprised as in better than you thought, or worse. I mean players you knew of before they were...
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    Despite what I think is an excellent start to the season I think we could still improve, so,what would you consider to be Evertons weak link, positions, tactics, players. I'm not accepting management, that would be too easy to highlight. Evertons major flaw is not putting teams to the sword, and...
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    Moysiah or a very naughty boy?

    Just watched the game, disappointed isn't the word i'd use at the moment. It was like watching an end of season meaningless match, with nothing riding on it.The word for this performance is tepid, where was the passion, where was the pride this was a derby in the semi final of the F.A. cup. They...
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    After 40 years (feels like it) of wandering the desert, its time for Moyses to part the Red ****e, sorry, sea and lead his chosen ones, to the promised land C.O.Y.B.