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  1. StreetEndBlue

    First Everton Goal of Your Life

    Mick Bernard putting us 1-0 up from the penalty spot in a 4-0 rout away at QPR in August 1976. I was 29 days old. My younger brother was born 4 days before the 1989 FA Cup final so his was Stuart McCall's scruffy scrambled injury time equalizer in that game.
  2. StreetEndBlue

    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    12 years ago today. Andy Johnson's stoppage time winner against Arsenal in the middle of a hailstone storm. They were huge!
  3. StreetEndBlue

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    That really was the proverbial games of two halfs. They battered us first half and could've easily gone in 2 or three goals up but second half we were comfortably the better side and deserved the points. I know it's not possible but it would be so much better if we could attack the Gwladys...
  4. StreetEndBlue

    Dear David Moyes...

    They've won an FA Cup, a League Cup and a Europa League since he was sacked by United. I can't think of a single good reason why he'd have won more than that if they'd have not given him the boot. He was totally out of his depth there and isn't a winner.
  5. StreetEndBlue

    Dear David Moyes...

    We've been down the road before of bringing past managers back with Howard Kendall's endless returns and they were hardly a roaring success were they? But at least HK is a legend of this club who knew exactly what NSNO stood for and delivered major trophies as a player and manager...
  6. StreetEndBlue

    Dear David Moyes...

    I understand why some want rid of Silva but don't understand why anyone would want Moyes back. Ok he did a good job here but has failed everywhere he's been since. He's yesterday man. The fact no-ones touched him with a barge pole since West Ham became the latest club to dump him nearly a year...
  7. StreetEndBlue

    1999 vs 2019

    1998/99 was poor overall but we did play some decent stuff towards the end of the season like giving Newcastle a good beating on their own ground, wiping the floor with Charlton in that relegation 6 pointer and that utter demolition of West Ham in our last home game. In fact we took that late...
  8. StreetEndBlue


    I was always bragging to my Liverpool and Man Utd supporting mates that you only see the half and half scarves at their grounds and they are never seen at Goodison. Until Sunday when I spotted at least two in the Street End. Who the hell wants a scarf with the badge of another club on...
  9. StreetEndBlue

    Homepage Update: Everton Televised Games Rescheduled

    Well the clubs are more than happy to take monster amounts of cash off the likes of Sky and BT so they are going to continue to call the shots until that ever changes. When we go through spells of hardly getting on tv, some Blues whinge about the tv companies being biased to the likes of the RS...
  10. StreetEndBlue

    Gary Lineker - What I Wore (Everton)

    One thing which has always puzzled me regarding the transfer of Lineker to Barcelona was why the hell didn't we try and screw them for extra cash. I'm sure they would of paid it. If anyone has read the biography of Lineker called 'Strikingly Different' it says us and Barca agreed a fee for him...
  11. StreetEndBlue

    Gary Lineker - What I Wore (Everton)

    Going back to the 85/86 season I've never bought into the so-called change of style etc some say for our failure to win anything. There was far more obvious reasons for me. The fact we lost the world's undisputed best goalkeeper for the title run-in and the FA Cup final, the heartbeat of the...
  12. StreetEndBlue

    Gary Lineker - What I Wore (Everton)

    More crap. Even in this video he's waxing lyrical about Everton being the best side he ever played for and he's said that time and time again over the years.
  13. StreetEndBlue

    Gary Lineker - What I Wore (Everton)

    Spurs?? He's a Leicester man through and through. Tottenham fans got rather annoyed with him when he openly sided with his hometown club during the Spurs/Leicester title race in 16/17.
  14. StreetEndBlue

    Match Thread Everton v Man City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I want us to win. Liverpool have peaked and hopefully will finish third in a one horse race so tonight's result will have no bearing on the title.
  15. StreetEndBlue

    2018/19 Theo Walcott

    I came out the ground 10 mins early in disgust and that cat showed more pace and movement than this Joker. A total passenger today. Again.
  16. StreetEndBlue

    Bill Kenwright

    Kenwright has been on the board since 1989 (when were still big five), has been Chairman or vice Chairman since 1999 so I don't know why some beaut thinks we should only go back '3 years'. He's had his fingerprints on every decision this club has made in the last 30 bleedin' years so I don't...
  17. StreetEndBlue

    Bill Kenwright

    Well we've never won anything since he became head honcho and we'll continue never to win anything as long as he has influence. Kenwright doesn't care about success. All he cares about is keeping his beloved Chairman's seat and being seen as Mr Everton. Under pressure? Either go into hiding or...
  18. StreetEndBlue

    Manager out. Vote

    He wasn't my first choice but was certainly prepared to give him time but by the fact he doesn't seem to be learning from his mistakes and performances seem to be getting worse, I've definitely jumped aboard the get rid bandwagon. Oh and he can take that complete phoney masquerading as a...
  19. StreetEndBlue

    This club is a joke

    I never rated him while he was at Southampton and didn't want us to sign him. I hoped to be proved wrong but, apart from a spell towards the end of 05/06 when he played quite well, he was overall a flop here. He just didn't fit in. Took a decent pen though. I couldn't believe Moyes somehow...
  20. StreetEndBlue

    This club is a joke

    Beattie signed when the January transfer window opened in 2005 an made his debut a few days later away at Plymouth in the FA Cup.