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  1. ArtetaMoney

    The Excuses Thread

    After a bright start from the manager, I’ve seen a few forum members who are making excuses as to why he’s done well so far. Rather than placing them in different threads, I’ve created this one for people to post their reasons (excuses) as to why we’ve done well, or when it happens, why we...
  2. ArtetaMoney

    Songs for Rafael

    Now we have a new manager in charge, we can start to look forward to this new era of Everton. I think it's best we use this thread to create songs for our new Spanish saviour. I'll start: We play from the back We never attaaaaaack Big Rafael the gaffer Coleman at Right Back Feel free to add...
  3. ArtetaMoney

    Everton Sale On Home Kits

    48 hour sale on the club shop website. All home kits 70% off and an extra 5% if you use code TOFFEEBLUES5. You can get a full kit for your kid for less than £15 ;)
  4. ArtetaMoney

    Your Favourite Thing(s) This Season

    What were your favourite things this season? For me; 1. Beating Utd 4-0, what a day. Absolutely roasting, Bank Holiday weekend; great atmosphere and some boss goals. 2. The RS losing the league at Goodison. Especially after they’re reaction to beating us at Anfield. 3. Richarlison’s first...
  5. ArtetaMoney

    Who was our last decent skipper?

    After Jags comments have caused some inevitable fume and questioning as to why he’s even our captain, who was the last skipper that actually made a difference to the team by wearing the armband?
  6. ArtetaMoney

    Uh, Oh...

  7. ArtetaMoney

    Referee Appointments V Sunderland

    He looks like a bad bell like.
  8. ArtetaMoney

    Officials v Stoke 6 Feb

    We like this fella don't we? Looking forward to getting a pen. Referee: Andre Marriner Assistants: M Perry, A Garratt Fourth Official: N Miller
  9. ArtetaMoney

    2016/17 Season Tickets

    They'll be going on sale soon and other than an FA Cup win it's looking like this season will be another mediocre one. Martinez's first season in charge had ST sales going through the roof the next year with a lot of people not renewing after last seasons shambolic efforts, can we expect the...
  10. ArtetaMoney

    Officials V Newcastle

    Referee: Craig Pawson Assistants: D Bryan, S Burt Fourth Official: R East We're defo due a pen!
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