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  1. tonyhorne

    Official Membership Ticket Allocations

    Have just tried to buy 2 tickets for the upcoming Leicester game on the website as I was hoping to bring my niece along. It will only allow me to add 1 ticket to my cart. Is this all I'm entitled to buy at one time under the official membership scheme? Seems a bit sad ..
  2. tonyhorne

    Educating Rafael

    Time to cut this guy some slack. He will have arrived on Merseyside, all those years ago, with his views of the footballing landscape here skewed by media bias. It was, no doubt, something of a shock and disappointment to discover the truth. One time, when asked to articulate this disappointment...
  3. tonyhorne

    How to fall in love with Rafael?

    OK, I get it. Who'd have thought we would be anywhere near here? But the club is bigger and more important than any one individual and, surely, we all want Everton to do well regardless of who is in charge of team selection. Come on. Swallow your pride. Think of the greater good. What would it take?
  4. tonyhorne

    Rafael's First Signing

    Picture the scene. Rafael holds aloft the blue shirt. Latest signing next to him hold aloft the blue scarf. Who's it going to be?
  5. tonyhorne

    Roy Vernon Biography

    Just a little bump for this. If you are interested, you have only a few days to pledge your money for the book to be produced. Cheers... (my only interest in this project is as a prospective customer)
  6. tonyhorne

    Rats on the Radio

    Listened to the BBC commentary on the drive home from a weekend away this afternoon. Ratcliffe was on with that idiot Green. Rats had a couple of real good digs at Fatso for his bias today. In particular his "I like that" and a chuckle to Greens comment that Everton had 15 minutes to "hang on"...
  7. tonyhorne

    Third Kit

    Sorry if someone else has been so sad as to wonder this as well but what is the point of having a second kit that is not suitable for use the first time we play away to a team that plays in blue? For which away fixtures will the "second" kit be used?
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