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    Atalanta fans

    Are many of them coming ticketless? If so, how many? I know they've been getting binned off here with their ticket requests, but why can't the club accommodate them? We'll have 20,000 there, tops.
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    Are Everton asking for more Lyon tickets?

    There seems to be a lot of fans going without tickets. Have Everton made a statement about this that I have missed? Will we get tickets on the day?
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    Everton shirts from 1969-70

    Lads/girls, I know you can buy about a million different Everton shirts, but does anyone know where I can get the 69-70 shirt from? The ones without the badge, both blue and the amber away shirts. Thanks in advance.
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    The Croatian situation

    Anyone know how many Split are bringing on Thursday? Looking forward to watching their antics as I reckon they'll be madder than the Swiss a few years back.
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    Question, and I don't know the answer!

    Lads/ladies, I was just reading about a fella who has gone to all of the grounds in the football league in 189 days. It got me wondering how many clubs that Everton have never played in the league or the cups. On you go.......
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    Stoke fans throwing coins at the Park End

    Saw two lads hit by coins and a young lad. The kid was crying his eyes out and the stewards and police did nothing. Are they just there to watch the match? The Stoke fans were okay up to that point. If I was a Stoke fan I would be ashamed of their behaviour today.
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    Everton's letter to Lille

    Have I missed something or did we not receive a response from the French? I haven't seen anything.
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    Young Boys support

    Best at Goodison for a long time. Funny, loud and totally ignored the game! Wouldn't like us to be like that though.
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    Lille fans...

    Do the first of their 10,000 supporters arrive tomorrow? Actually, how many will they bring?
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    Wolfsburg support tonight

    Any idea how many they are bringing?
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    Pub in London showing game v mancs

    In London Wednesday. Does anybody know anywhere that will have our game on? Thanks in advance
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