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  1. slipstream86

    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    Attitude problem is stark. Showed progrerssion last season, starts to adds a few goals to his game at the start of this season, attracts a bit of big club and England attention, doesn't get his big money move in time for the transfer window to close, then his performances fall off a cliff ever...
  2. slipstream86

    Match Thread Newcastle United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Can’t go down any lower than 0.0 can it? The only way we could ever score with an XG that low would be to have an infinite number of shots, which would of course take an infinite amount of time.
  3. slipstream86

    Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton. Sat Oct 14th 5.30

    That second dive from Pickford lol Cleared for take off
  4. slipstream86

    Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton. Sat Oct 14th 5.30

    Another 45 minutes clean sheet lads.
  5. slipstream86

    Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton. Sat Oct 14th 5.30

    Why the heck are their fans booing Pickford when the ball is passed back to him? Can’t waste time with the ball still in play you daft beggars, go and tackle him.
  6. slipstream86

    Relegation 2022/23

    It's so Everton that this thread still has momentum (ok, given I'm contributing to it with this post). We need to be looking up now, not down.
  7. slipstream86

    The case for the defence...

    Impressed by the Coady and Tarkowski partenership today. If they keep turning in performances like that then they could turn out to be the most dependable CB pairing Everton have had for many years...Since Weir and Stubbs perhaps... As a team, I thought the defensive performance was solid and...
  8. slipstream86

    2022/23 Dele Alli

    Such a predictable outcome to the signing of Dele. He was a gamble, a potentially very expensive gamble, at a time when we we couldn't afford to get it wrong...and yet we did.
  9. slipstream86

    2021/22 Richarlison

    Song for Richy if he stays next season: Hail to the bus driver Bus driver Bus driver Hail to the bus driver Richarlison!
  10. slipstream86

    2021/22 Frank Lampard

    I think ethos progression relies on a coherent relationship with DOF. Really hope he can start to rebuild us from the same page as KT
  11. slipstream86

    2021/22 Frank Lampard

    He's achieved his first objective...Kept us in the league against the odds. Definitely done enough for us to get behind him. It's clear to see he's adapting his style where needed, and has managed to get the best out Iwobi and Gordon, and progressed Mykolenko nicely.
  12. slipstream86

    Confirmed Signing Anwar El Ghazi

    I honestly think we could get him.
  13. slipstream86

    Confirmed Signing Anwar El Ghazi

    Anwhere ElGhosti
  14. slipstream86

    Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

    Can Someone change the "w" to a "v" whilst they're at it. My bird is Polish and her surname still looks like a wifi password to me after 3 years.
  15. slipstream86

    Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

    An experienced relegation scrapper. May well come in use again next season.
  16. slipstream86

    Match Thread Watford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    It’s performances like this that make me realise how much we would struggle to come back up from the championship if we did go down. Completely unable to break down an opposition or even impose ourselves when we have the majority of the ball.
  17. slipstream86

    Match Thread Watford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Useless enough to put 5 past us at our gaff
  18. slipstream86

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll.

    And an unscheduled firework display right outside at 3am
  19. slipstream86

    The Everton Board Thread

    Criminal if this bunch of phoney Directors are allowed to continue in their roles if in all likelihood, this club goes down. FM BK DBB Why are we wasting time about who the next manager should be?
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