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    I can't even be bothered to type it out but as part of the necessary reset can we please get rid of this ridiculous, irrelevant, outdated Latin nonsense.
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    End for Unsworth?

    Having been overlooked for the temp position despite winning trophies he must surely realize it's time to move on if he wants a proper career as a football manager.
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    Not enough support?

    “There hasn’t been as much support as I’ve wanted to be honest, but obviously it’s a man’s game and I’m learning the game on my own." There's no excuse for failing to provide support to the kids out on loan. Whether he makes it or not we should be doing everything possible to ensure that our...
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    Giving everything

    “The players have been great. I see it in my eyes, I know they’re giving everything and more importantly the message that I can give to every Everton fan is that they are giving everything. David Unsworth If the current boss says they are giving everything and we're still this bad then we're...
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