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  1. Alio

    The Loaners

    First off, great win We're relying on these fellas a bit huh, reckon any of them will stay?
  2. Alio

    Bidwell joins Brentford on loan

    Brentford have signed defenders Jake Bidwell from Everton and Harlee Dean from Southampton on youth loan deals. Bidwell is a left-sided 18-year-old and has represented England at age-group level, including Under-19s. Dean, a 20-year-old central defender, has been a regular in the Saints'...
  3. Alio

    Everton's Top Scorer 2011/12

    Easy as that...who do you think?
  4. Alio

    Neville signs a year extension deal

    An imaginary rep to the first person to make the most obvious gag Captain Point is now here until 2013
  5. Alio

    Our Gueye, Magaye Gueye

    So, already bagged a couple of goals and some high praise from Saha....will he play a game this season? And where was he playing against Bury, I've only seen the goals? Looked to be in the middle somewhere? Will he give us some width out on the left, or the right? Do we have pretty high...
  6. Alio

    Training in Austria

    So....this feels weird posting about Everton, here, you know, on GOT. Anyway, all players are there, other than the one's who have been playing International football this summer? Is that right? So, the Yak and Yobo are back and out there? Fellaini? Anyone heard anything, is Barkley...
  7. Alio

    Demba Ba

    What...this hasn't been done yet? Melt season is back with full effect, I've already posted in 3 transfer rumour threads today alone Our favourites, The Daily Mail here with some fine work We may as well start this thread now...
  8. Alio

    The undervalued player that is Leon Osman

    What a lil gem we have here. Does he typify Everton under the David Moyes era? He grafts, there are highs, and lows to his game, nothing too flashy but gets a job done etc. He never appear's to be in anyone's first XI team sheet in reality when other players are fit, but always appears to come...
  9. Alio

    If you could sign one player?

    Ok, we probably won't bring in anyone, we're Everton, why buy players when you don't need too :huh: We'll just loan some more out, it's the new black. Anyway, just for fun n stuff If we had a lil bit of cash, and you've ticked the "rule out unrealistic targets" box on your Champ Man...
  10. Alio

    Everton to visit the USA in the Summer

    I'm a thread making machine today... Yes, that's right, we're going back to the USA! Is this where Spikeman is from? Someone is I'm sure, good times for you anyway...
  11. Alio

    Yakubu wants permanent move to Leicester

    Think we all saw this coming too? :dodgy: What a lovely day for transfer talk for us Leicester City striker Yakubu wants to make his loan move from Everton a permanent deal in the summer. The 28-year-old joined in January until the end of the season and has played a key role in helping...
  12. Alio

    Keeping hold of Fellaini

    So, how do we do it? What wonderful hair. More links from Sky and Jo's favourite website -, linking him with Madrid this morning. Spanish giants Real Madrid are keen to bring Everton's midfield star Marouane Fellaini to the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer, according to...
  13. Alio


    Yes, this is another thread. Please merge if required, didn't know where to put it Now you may have spotted my error already, from the title of the thread....:huh: Yes, we need 3 strikers to play this bad boy. But stay with me, I'm really struggling to find anything positive about Everton at...
  14. Alio

    Is it Bilyaletdinov's time to shine?

    This little Russian has had a stop start career at Everton so far. All this youtube video's seemed to show he was a tricky player, full of running at defenders and scoring goals for fun.....we've seen little of the running (with speed anyway) but plenty of wonder strikes and important goals...
  15. Alio

    Michael Owen

    Yes, this must have been mentioned before, but its on that extremely reliable site (cough) caught offside now that we're after him. Regardless of wages etc, i'd usually be screaming for us to get him. But injury after injury has surely now taken its toll. Would it be worth the gamble? Is he...
  16. Alio

    The Lone Ranger

    It's been said (A lot) that Beckford is rubbish up front on his own.....ok, I'll be honest, I don't know what's best at the moment, or what formation is best either, everyone has their own opinion, and I always use hindsight to judge what is best Anyway, with Cahill up there too, he's not...
  17. Alio

    Rodwell and Anichebe back in Reserves game today

    Good news on the injury list for once. Can't wait to see both back in action Team should be Everton: Davies - Browning, Duffy, Mustafi, Garbutt - Craig, Rodwell, Wallace, Baxter - Beckford, Gueye Subs: Roberts, Anichebe, Agard, Bidwell, Akpan
  18. Alio

    Missing Men

    Anyone ever give this a whirl on Sky? Normally passes the time on a Friday lunch, not sure if this link will bring over my answers, but I got 6 out of the 11 from this game in 1998 in under 2 minutes, but couldnt think of any others. Easy of course, when you click on the answers...
  19. Alio

    Historical Everton Kits

    Perhaps one for the World Football forum, as you can search most teams. Stumbled across this site trying to help Dutch Toffee on something for Kiddy Harriers Probably been done before, but quite interesting looking back at all the kits throughout the years for various teams. Hope this comes in...
  20. Alio

    The Everton Squad of 25.....well, 21

    Pretty obvious, but confirmation of the squad from the OS.... All of Everton's registered players are eligible for the Blues this season after the Club submitted its official squad list on Wednesday. The youthful nature of David Moyes' squad means meeting new Premier League rules was not...
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