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  1. Gaffa

    Europa League

    Apologies to start a new thread. For Info England will gain 3 places in the Europa League. 5th place automatically EFL Cup winners FA Cup winners The EFL Cup is between Man City and Aston Villa. We all must cheer on City that day to free up 6th The FA Cup is at R5 stage The top 3 for CL is...
  2. Gaffa

    Norwich Away

    I know its not official, but just giving people the heads up if you didn't know in case people are looking at travel etc We are due to play Norwich on Saturday 21st March. At present Norwich are still in the FA Cup and if they win the next game our match will be Postponed and moved to a midweek...
  3. Gaffa

    Released list

    Has anyone seen one, most other teams have issued released list of players, first team and youth, but cant find anything from EFC Interested to know who's going out of contract and who will need selling Thanks
  4. Gaffa


    Right I’m gonna have a good old moan / rant What is it with these stupid pathetic half and half scarves. More to the point how bloody many where in attendance today! Who is buying these and why are you buying it? Why are we selling them What exactly does it achieve. Are you blue or red? You...
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