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  1. msb

    It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to .....

    According to the blues, it's my birthday and I have changed my name to Sarah. Got a lovely email off the club wishing me all the best. For those in any doubt, I have not changed my name and it is not my birthday. However, I suspect I might be crying with embarrassment later today. The...
  2. msb

    If it wasn't such a wanky RS thing to do .....

    We should have sticky thread on anti Everton decisions this season. But we shouldn't, so mods lock this straight away.
  3. msb

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Despite my hatred of all that is Allardyce, I renewed my season ticket yesterday. On the scale of things does this make me a complete idiot? Who else is going to renew and who isn't?
  4. msb

    When the dog bites, when the bee stings ....

    or when you are sat in an airport until 10pm getting sloshed on the company ticket, I simply remember my favourite things, then I don't feel so bad. That volley against the RS - Thanks Graeme Sharpe That tackle against Gareth Bale - thanks Phil Neville Barry Horne - I just don't know what to...
  5. msb

    Good things about EFC

    Getting a bit sick of the incessant negativity on here. Can we find some nice things to say about our club please. And some positive views. There are hundreds of threads for disgruntled fans, so mods please delete any negative posts in this thread. I'll kick off with A new owner that has...
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