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  1. StreetEndBlue

    The one downside of the Brentford game.

    Was the ridiculous sight of 2,000 empty seats. What bright spark at our club decided to offer Brentford 6,000 tickets with their small support? What even bigger idiot at Brentford decided to accept so many?? Our club publicly said the game was a sell-out! I'm a season ticket holder so had no...
  2. StreetEndBlue

    Derby day injustice

    It's been most amusing to see and hear the fume coming from over there over us probably getting the rub of the green over decisions yesterday. Toys thrown out the pram in all directions. Their incessant squealing has been music to my ears...I hope they keep it coming! They've had a rare taste...
  3. StreetEndBlue

    Wimbledon 7th May 1994.

    Can you believe today marks the 25 anniversary of THAT game against Wimbledon when this club looked deep in the abyss yet somehow escaped. I'm sure other blues would like to share memories of that truely remarkable day from the Wimbledon team coach being deliberately burnt out during the night...
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