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  1. AmericasToffee

    Welcome Nuno

  2. AmericasToffee

    Everton's attack summarized

    Check the graph after paragraph 6. Abysmal
  3. AmericasToffee

    How much can Farhad spend this offseason without FFP trouble?

    Question for anyone not named The Esk.
  4. AmericasToffee

    Jean-Claire Todibo

  5. AmericasToffee

    At what minute mark will Mike Dean ruin our collective Sunday?

    I'm guessing 60'
  6. AmericasToffee

    Interesting read on Ancelotti backroom staff's approach to training A good read, in my opinion and a really logical approach to training. Parts I found interesting:
  7. AmericasToffee

    Can there be too much of a language barrier for a manager to be successful?

    I was thinking about the possibility of Everton hiring a manager from a foreign league with very limited English and this popped into my head. Trippier recently said in an interview that Simeone (no, I don't think Everton will be able to lure him) speaks very little English but things seem to...
  8. AmericasToffee

    If the club can achieve on the field, what they achieve off the field

    Everton will be giants. Very people focused approach. Nail the business end of it all and we're in business
  9. AmericasToffee

    Rony Lopes

    This seems like a solid enough link to give him his own thread. Fits the profile. 23, stud, left footed. Can play all across the midfield.
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