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  1. Bluerover

    Goodison Memories

    This excellent book arrived this morning. Well done Steve Zocek. Nice Foreword from Motty whose first commentary was on radio at GP and his last ever was at GP v Palace. Astonished that Merson is so complimentary saying Goodison is one of his favourite grounds and regarding the 80s team..."...
  2. Bluerover

    Next Season 2022-23

    Now that the Relegation thread is thankfully irrelevant I am bold enough to suggest that we now look forward to next season in this thread. I hope for a clearance of deadwood in the summer, and very careful buying of players that have proven records of not being sicknotes.
  3. Bluerover

    The ladies

    6-0 yesterday and top of the League. Here we go....
  4. Bluerover

    Sudden Death of Shane Duffy's Dad

    You will remember him posting on here as Letterkenny. He was proud ss punch when Shane was at Everton. RIP Brian. Enjoyed your posts.
  5. Bluerover

    Everton do Some Things Really Well

    Credit where it is due...... Cork boy, 11, given dream day out watching his beloved Everton A young Irish Everton fan whose emotional response to learning he would be making his...
  6. Bluerover

    This amazing eight-year-old’s moving letter to Everton earned him a special meeting

    I don't see this posted but if it has been Mods please do the necessary. It made this sad old Everton fan smile!! Eight-year-old Alfie is the kind of young fan...
  7. Bluerover

    2017/18 Season Predictions

    Maybe someone will turn this into a poll but I think it would be interesting to gauge what GOTers think we might achieve next season. For me, I hope for -Top 6 but really want CL qualification -Semi finals minimum in EL -A proper FA Cup run with a day out in May I sense a very positive vibe...
  8. Bluerover

    Everton Players in Ireland team v Netherlands 1-1

    James McCarthy was "rested" but should be in the squad for France. MON tried out quite a number of fringe players. From a Blue point of view, you may be interested in the ratings from RTE: Seamus Coleman 7 Drove forward with his usual intent and intelligence. Did his primary duty as full-back...
  9. Bluerover

    Kevin Sheedy - Legend

    Nice article in yesterday's Irish Independent - only seeing it now. Interesting insight on how the great 80s team took time to gel together....ah I remember it so well...
  10. Bluerover

    5 Everton Players in Ireland Squad for 3rd and 7th September

    Seamus Coleman, Shay Duffy, James McCarthy, Darron Gibson, Aiden McGeady all named in the provisional 36 man squad for European Championship Group D match v Georgia in Tblisi on 3rd, and friendly v Oman in Dublin on 7th. The squad will be pared back before the 31st August. It gives me a great...
  11. Bluerover

    Martinez - "We are Everton...not any one manager's team"

    More class from the man: Roberto Martinez claims he does not deserve all the credit for the Everton FC evolution during his first season in charge. The Toffees manager has been lauded for introducing a better brand of...
  12. Bluerover

    December Manager of the Month

    Bobby in the running along with Pellegrini, Mourinho and........ Moyes :o He has to have a good chance surely?
  13. Bluerover

    Gibson and Trapp

    I have to say I am with Gibbo on this - it was sickening the way he was left on the bench during the Euros particularly given the terrible performances by the team in all three matches. He pulled out before Saturday's match with WBA, so he probably would not have been fit as things turned...
  14. Bluerover

    Transfers to Premier Clubs (Story so far)

    I have compiled this from the BBC site and it is up to date as of first thing this morning. There seems to have been at least one transfer since 1 June to 19 of the 20 Premier clubs.Trying to figure out which one is missing !!! :) Anyway, hope this helps put perspective on the debate about...
  15. Bluerover

    Oh No!!! Its Mother Riley !!

    Mike Riley to ref the derby!! :o How many of these do you think?? rcard
  16. Bluerover

    Come on You Girls in Blue!!

    Changing the focus briefly from the suicide watch on the transfer market, any of you Blues going to support the Ladies against the RS tonight?? 6 points from first three games and only lost 1-0 to the all-powerful Goonettes! It should be a banker for the Blues based on form, but you know...
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