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  1. MikeH72

    What has been your lowest point supporting Everton?

    Here’s a cheerful thread for a Thursday evening. My personal top 3 is: 1. The 4-1 derby defeat under Benitez last season when they all sang his name 2. The 5-2 defeat at home to Watford under Benitez last season when Josh King scored a hat trick 3. The day Benitez was appointed Everton manager
  2. MikeH72

    Transfer Rumour Mohammed Kudus

    Welcome person I’ve never heard of. Can you play up front?
  3. MikeH72

    Player of the Year

    I reckon we should sabotage the official player of the year vote so it goes to El Ghazi.
  4. MikeH72

    Referees v Everton

    I think this deserves its own thread because it’s getting beyond a joke now. This season in particular I’ve noticed things start to veer away from incompetence and into the realms of suspicious. Last night was the most overtly bent display of refereeing I’ve seen in an Everton game since...
  5. MikeH72

    Confirmed Signing Anwar El Ghazi

    Welcome to Everton.
  6. MikeH72

    On this day 10 years ago

    Tim Howard scored from his own penalty area and we still lost 2-1 with David N’gog scoring. Happy New Year.
  7. MikeH72

    Graham Potter

    Is a disgusting little goblin. Discuss.
  8. MikeH72

    Rui Silva

    Welcome to Everton, stumpy arms’ replacement. @Moomin @orly
  9. MikeH72

    Everton’s worst ever signing

    Who is the biggest waste of money in our history?
  10. MikeH72

    Matthew Pennington

    I couldn’t help but notice my favourite player doesn’t have a thread, I think he deserves one. I feel this will be young Matty's breakthrough season.
  11. MikeH72

    Cuco Martina

  12. MikeH72

    Should we give the RS a guard of honour? (poll)

    Because @Keiran asked for it, here’s the poll
  13. MikeH72

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Please avoid posting stuff from low-tiered/clickbaity sources: Tier 1 – Almost undisputed when discussing a Transfer Rumour. They may not be the first to discuss a rumour, but if they are talking about it; then it is almost certainly true, and possibly close to complete. Tier 2 – Known to...
  14. MikeH72

    Transfer Rumour James Rodriguez

    Very very welcome to Le Ev.
  15. MikeH72

    2019/20 Cuco Martina

    Get out of my club.
  16. MikeH72

    Outswinging corners

    I just don’t get it. Martinez was obsessed with them and it seems it’s Silva’s tactic of choice too. To me they just never ever look dangerous, if you’re set up correctly they’re the easiest thing in the world to defend. Defender only needs to get half a head on it and it’s out the box, help it...
  17. MikeH72

    Confirmed Signing Joao Virginia

    Welcome baby Joel.
  18. MikeH72

    Transfer Rumour Eliaquim Mangala

    On loan to confirm relegation. 'Ton 'ton 'tonnnnnn.
  19. MikeH72

    Which goal was better

    I know Rooney will win the poll because he's local, but this is a tough one for me. Both unbelievable wonder strikes in their own right.
  20. MikeH72

    Biggest Everton Snake

    Who is it lads?
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