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  1. atrottel

    Young EFC Players Out On Loan 2020-21

    Time to wind this thread up again, I guess, with Lewis Gibson almost confirmed as a season-long loan to Reading...
  2. atrottel

    Young EFC Players Out on Loan 2019-20

    Just to get the thread up and running for the coming season and since some pre-season work is starting and some loans are being agreed... As in previous years, I'll try and keep an eye on the youth loans in the lower UK leagues and possibly Jonjoe Kenny, since I'm interested and speak German...
  3. atrottel

    Young EFC Players Out On Loan 17-18

    As in previous seasons, I'll try and make this a thread for those EFC players out on loan at some point during the year. For those are new and/or who haven't seen these threads before, we try to keep up with the reports on and videos of EFC players both at home and abroad, how they are doing...
  4. atrottel

    Young EFC Players Out On Loan 16-17

    Time to start this up again for the coming season.... Championship Ipswich Town - Conor Grant started on the bench and came on in the second half of a 4-2 home win over Barnsley OS Match Report Twitter stuff 72: Driving run from Conor Grant who then unleashes a left-footed drive that stings...
  5. atrottel

    The Echo, L'Equipe and Everton

    So two days ago L'Équipe, one of the world's most prestigious sporting magazines, published an article about Everton's finances and Watched_Toffee. The article is here...
  6. atrottel

    Everton players out on loan (2015/16)

    Thought I'd start this one to keep track of how the loaned-out players are progressing: Championship Fulham: Luke Garbutt - medium term injury (spotted at Goodison yesterday) League One Wigan: Francisco Junior - substituted early in second half in 2-0 away loss, booked Wigan: Jonjoe Kenny -...
  7. atrottel

    Alex Young
  8. atrottel

    Ian Ross gone

    According to Prentice at the Echo:
  9. atrottel

    Mick Doherty leaves

    Chelsea have just hired our European scout Mick Doherty (the one who found Coleman and Vellios, allegedly). According to the Guardian. Stands to reason: if we aren't buying anyone I suppose there's not much job satisfaction in being a scout.
  10. atrottel

    U-15 tournament - Singapore

    Some pics from the tournament in Asia the U-15s went to play at, for those who might be interested in this time of no news: Apparently they lost the first game 0-1 to a Brazilian side.
  11. atrottel

    Staff writer job at EFC

    Anyone who fancies their writing and language skills and could see themselves working for their favourite club might want to take a look here: and click on the Staff Writer one at the bottom. Applications by June 30, boys and girls.
  12. atrottel

    Telegraph EFC Story

    The Telegraph says that a certain Bernard Mullin (Liverpool-born but now US sport-based with NBA sports executive history) has got involved with flogging the club around the world... Not much there but anyway here's the link...
  13. atrottel

    Baxter and Garbutt in U-19 squad

    What the title says. Called up for match on 29th March vs Holland. Nice to see José Baxter back in at this level.
  14. atrottel

    Andy Lonergan

    According to Alan Nixon (yes, I know) we've signed Andy Lonergan, Preston's goalkeeper, and sent them Turner on loan. He will be training with us but can't play until next year...
  15. atrottel

    We are - officially - the flabbiest fans...

    If you ever wondered what the NHS was doing with your money: (Great example of link-bait, for anyone that is involved in marketing.)
  16. atrottel

    Vaughan to Blackpool

    Couple of rumours of younger players moving on... #2 Vaughan to Blackpool - courtesy of Daily Mirror (and various others, including Blackpool sites, who aren't sure if it is loan or sale)...
  17. atrottel

    Anichebe to Newcastle

    Couple of rumours of younger players moving on.... #1 Anichebe to Newcastle, running down his contract, courtesy of Newcastle Sunday Sun (and others)
  18. atrottel

    Gosling to Newcastle for nothing?

    Sky Sports understands:,19528,11671_6243607,00.html Calling Mr DaveK, come to the courtesy posting phone, please...
  19. atrottel

    Aussie Tour Squad

    Sydney Morning Herald say this is the official squad: Everton squad Goalkeepers: Iain Turner, John Ruddy Defenders: Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Seamus Coleman, Shkodran Mustafi, Sylvain Distin, Tony Hibbert Midfielders: Adam Forshaw, Diniyar...
  20. atrottel

    Everton players in England U-17 Euro Finals squad

    Three of our youngsters picked to go to the finals in a couple of weeks: Bidwell Garbutt Barkley Be worth keeping an eye on Eurosport or DSF or wherever they might be showing it. (In Liechtenstein? Didn't realise they had that many...
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