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  1. Bruce Wayne

    How do players respond to mental pressure during the season?

    Some Belgian researchers have looked at how (Everton) footballers respond to mental pressure during the season -
  2. Bruce Wayne

    12 foreign players in the squad, who would ours be?

    In the fallout from Brexit, it would mean that European players no longer have an automatic right to play in the Premier League. The FA would like to therefore reduce the number of foreign players teams can have in their squad from 17 to 12 (we currently have 14, 22 if you count those out on...
  3. Bruce Wayne

    The rest of the season

    I sense that many of us would like the season to be over so we can start thinking to the future (hopefully with a new manager), but what positives can we look to get from the rest of the season? Can we blood some youngsters? Get some confidence into the squad?
  4. Bruce Wayne

    Short sleeve watch

    Who will don the proper winter attire of short sleeves and no gloves today do you think?
  5. Bruce Wayne

    Homepage Update: New Manager, Same Results?

    Bruce Wayne submitted an update to GrandOldTeam's homepage New Manager, Same Results? Casting my mind back to the summer, there was an overwhelming sense of optimism. After years of fallow transfer windows, we burst out of the blocks with gusto, with barely a day going by without a new...
  6. Bruce Wayne

    World Rhino Day

    Post up your favourite memories of Unsworth. Whether it's his deadly penalties, his month long spell at At Least We're Not Villa or his creation of the best youth team in the history of the world. Rhino, we salute you. It is actually World Rhino Day ffs -
  7. Bruce Wayne

    Is our squad rotten?

    Whilst I think most can agree that Martinez was wrong and not up to the job, but the way our squad downed tools in his final months, even during the cup semi-final was frankly a disgrace for any professional, let alone the senior ones we have at our club. At the time we gave them the benefit of...
  8. Bruce Wayne

    Who is your Everton XI from the Premier League era?

    Southall or Martyn? Hibbo or Coleman? Speed or Cahill? Go.
  9. Bruce Wayne

    Do we need to spread the goals around more?

    Despite scoring a decent number of goals this season (44 in 28 league games), Lukaku has scored 40% of our goals, with Barkley the 2nd highest scorer with just 5. I don't think it will harm us too much this year, but next season, is it better to give Rom more support? Where can we get extra...
  10. Bruce Wayne

    Bottom four - is it on?

    Well? :rant:
  11. Bruce Wayne

    What can Koeman do during the international break?

    When you've got a good half of your squad away during any one international break, what do you think the club can realistically work on? Do players just keep things ticking over or are training sessions more meaningful?
  12. Bruce Wayne

    Are you happy when players represent their countries?

    What with the James McCarthy thing and all, is it helpful to Everton when players represent their countries? Does the experience and exposure help us, or are they an unwanted source of fatigue and injury?
  13. Bruce Wayne

    Victor Valdes

    His career has stagnated since leaving Barca, but as a free transfer would he provide some decent competition for Robles? He's 34 so should have a few years left in him.
  14. Bruce Wayne

    What positives can we take from this season?

    I know we're still in the cup so a season review might be a bit hasty, but given the gloom around at the moment I thought it might serve us well to look for some of the positives to take from what has been a really poor season. For me, Moshiri is the obvious one, and hopefully he will be a real...
  15. Bruce Wayne

    How much should we focus on the cup?

    With Lukaku experiencing a niggle last night, and Barkley also having to leave the field for an injury, how much of a priority would you place on the 2nd leg against City? Would you rest players in the league to ensure we give the 2nd leg our best shot or is the league still the priority?
  16. Bruce Wayne

    What do the best players want?

    I was reading a puff piece in the Guardian today about Ronaldo and how he might want to move away from Real, and the usual suspects were reeled off as possible destinations, including PSG, City, United, even Barca. It got me thinking of legacy and all that, as those clubs are obviously already...
  17. Bruce Wayne

    How long should a manager get?

    I read a study this week that looked at leadership and luck. Long story short, the researchers reckoned that around 70% of the success of a company is down to luck rather than the talents of their leaders, and because leaders don't tend to last long enough for the luck to even itself out, it's...
  18. Bruce Wayne

    How valuable are pre-season games?

    As a means of judging talent I mean. We've seen McAleny join the illustrious ranks of players like Jose Baxter and John Paul Kissock who performed well during pre-season games to get our hopes up that they are the real deal, before failing to push on into the first team. Are pre-season games a...
  19. Bruce Wayne

    Do we need experienced cover at centre back?

    Or will we go with Galloway, Browning and Pennington as the cover?
  20. Bruce Wayne

    Change of style next season?

    As is the fashion at the moment, we seem largely to have set up in a 4-2-3-1 last season, but it seems unlikely that Barkley will ever make it as a true #10. Might it be worth therefore to revert next season to a more traditional 4-3-3 and put Barkley a little bit deeper alongside McCarthy and...
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