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  1. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Mike Trebilcock finally gets his girl What a heart warming story of romance and locating a lost love after 52 years.
  2. Tennessee Blue Mike

    21 games in the book 17 to go.

    With 17 to go the magic number is 40 pts or that's what Moyesy wants anyway. We now command eight points from the bottom three. What is everyone's take on the run in? Have we the creativity to open up more in the remaining games with Donovan & Gibson or will it be business as usual and grind out...
  3. Tennessee Blue Mike

    What is the significance of our new logo?

    I'm sure we all noticed the new logo on our shirts against Norwich. Has this something to do with perhaps our new suitors in the new year or has Chang redesigned their logo?
  4. Tennessee Blue Mike

    George Green 15 year old prodigy signing Just noticed this. Keeps in the mindset of grabbing starlets and hoping for the best.
  5. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Klingsman suggests Howard need to move to a top ten team

    Ouch. Just on ESPN Jurgen Klingsman suggested Howard is in the top ten among all Goalkeepers in the world. In his next breath he believes Everton is a good team but not a top ten club and Tim Howard needs to move on to bigger and better. This really hurt my feelings. Then he knows for a fact...
  6. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Transfer rumour: The Molde trio

    TOFFEES EYE MOLDE TRIO | Football Transfer News, Football News, Fixtures, Results, Match Reports, Stats Just noticed this.
  7. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Blackpool's Charlie Adam

    Everton plan £5million swoop for Charlie Adam - IMScouting Anyone know much about him? Alan Ball was a ex Blackpool pickup in my day.
  8. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Everton to wear the royal blue

    Everton wins the coin toss and elected to wear the Royal Blue shirts white shorts white socks in the FA Cup final. How fitting is that. Chelski will on the yellow strip...
  9. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Was it or wasn't it? The no-call.

    Did Davey get in Mike Reilly's head. Jags the hero on the day may have made a huge mistake early but did he get away with one? Whats everyones thoughts?
  10. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Need some rules enlightenment.

    How in gods name is Petrov not sent off handling the ball on the line? Even having playing the advantage didn't Atkinson have to red card him and send him off? I just don't understand it.:(
  11. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Ian Crooker has it right.

    United are top, but they aren't nearly the team of the season | Setanta I agree 100% with his commentary on this one.(y) I love the remark Everton are well Everton. We have known who we are for a long, long time.
  12. Tennessee Blue Mike

    64 points from 38 games

    I had a feeling this past year we had been hitting our stride. Arteta is sensing it as well. ARTETA: WE'RE STRONGER NOW | Football Transfer News, Football News, Fixtures, Results, Match Reports, Stats Gives you a good feel we are moving in the right direction.(y)
  13. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Just had this thought............

    Reading a bit on News now a minute ago and became bothered by a rumour and I'll try to provide a link in a moment. It said this...... Everton rumour mill: Ibisevic and Bent targetted, Yak linked with exit, investment latest - Liverpool Daily Now could this be to far fetched and what...
  14. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Zayatte Meanwhile, Everton manager David Moyes is closing in on a £2.5million move for Kamil Zayatte from Swiss club BSC Young Boys. The Guinea defender...
  15. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Lars Jacobsen from Nurnberg At finch farm at the moment or so the other message sites are saying along with a young Ghanian. Annan possibly. I am scouring every site I can for more information.
  16. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Understanding the Turkish press on Topol Topol close as well. Is this why Johnson is on his way?
  17. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Arshavin or Moutinho?

    Heard Spurs going in for Arshavin. If we are expected to break the piggy bank like Wyness suggests per A bola for Mountinho why not go back in for Arshavin? Am I missing something here?:o
  18. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Fernandes signed and Tesco's 120million Hate to quote this site but maybe just maybe some truth in this. Don't kill the messenger but I wonder if a double veiling may be in order after the Euros. My main point is before Cars left I'm sure Moyes had...
  19. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Everton V Everton? A play on words? not really when the other Everton is CD Everton who scored three goals in dramatic fashion against Colo Colo. Not a bad idea to see how...
  20. Tennessee Blue Mike

    Howard one clean sheet away Nice to know this stat. Howard has four games to either equal or surpass big Nev. Nothing to sneeze at...
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