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  1. d34noj

    2022/23 Conor Coady

    Why on earth is it my problem?
  2. d34noj

    2022/23 Conor Coady

    I watched that at half speed just to make out what he was saying.
  3. d34noj

    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    We could try for a loan from Liverpool for Terrence Trent D'Arby if that's the case? Should be fresh seeing as he's not playing any internationals.
  4. d34noj

    2022/23 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    Lower championship player.
  5. d34noj

    2022/23 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    Imagine what an idiot you must be saying a professional footballer earning upwards of 30k a week, playing for one of the biggest teams in the country, in the best league in the world isn't a good player. Must be a real idiot to say such a thing.
  6. d34noj

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Soz. To be fair it's your own fault.
  7. d34noj

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

  8. d34noj

    2022/23 Conor Coady

    The ball needs to be played intentionally, bit weird but that's how it is - think we had a goal disallowed last season because of it?
  9. d34noj


    That's not how perspective works mate.
  10. d34noj

    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    He'd have improved if we did team talks over Tik Tok.
  11. d34noj

    Match Thread Everton v Them - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    'Can't play in a 4' Coady. Had a great game.
  12. d34noj

    2022/23 Amadou Onana

  13. d34noj

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Shut it. Sass is lovely.
  14. d34noj

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Ask @chicoazul
  15. d34noj

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    I'd genuinely forgotten about him.
  16. d34noj

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    They wouldn't be seen dead in a Marc Darcy suit if they didn't have to wear it.
  17. d34noj

    2022/23 Dele Alli

    More than happy he's gone. Absolute leech. Taking his (massive) wage whilst not putting in the effort needed to help the club who took a chance on him. Good riddance.
  18. d34noj

    Transfer Rumour Mohammed Kudus

    You ought to give it a rest mate. Bit boring .
  19. d34noj

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

  20. d34noj

    Match Thread Everton v Nottingham Forest : 3pm KO : Saturday 20th August 2022

    Looks like he's had a stroke on both sides of his face.
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