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  1. Jags..class

    Perfect weekend

    Man u to get beat Arsenal and the rs to draw We beat spurs Oh year and for bellow to win Plus a roast dinner on Sunday
  2. Jags..class


    Who leaving next? Naisse Clev Del All players who haven't contributed Just need kone and Gibson to leave next.
  3. Jags..class

    Contract situations

    Kone contract run at the end of the season? Gibson? Del? Barkley? Jags?
  4. Jags..class


    Not impressed with this article at all
  5. Jags..class

    Lukaku V Ferguson I love Duncan but if I chose 1 it would be Lukaku everytime.
  6. Jags..class

    Pitch is smaller then crystal palace Pardew told bolasie it would be more of a challenge playing at goodsion due to pitch size.
  7. Jags..class

    Phillip green

    Why is this being brought up? Hmmmmm
  8. Jags..class

    Who going to replace Barry?

    Barry been great for us but he getting older and I recken this will be his last season. I'm glad I've had the chance to watch this lad play in our shirts. Can see now why Rafael wanted him fro the rs. My choice is Drinkwater, if Leicester have a bad seaon, and no European football next season...
  9. Jags..class

    Pressing in football

    It's seems that Koeman is keen on this. Lukaku will struggle with this and I don't want him chasing shadows all the time. Barkley is trying but this is not his game. Have Koeman teams always been like this? So what teams will be pressing this season for those who know about football tactics...
  10. Jags..class

    Our rivals

    How do you rate our rivals so far, it's seems that Leicester title win has woken up man u, city and chelsea. Are we good enough for top 4? Man u have added physically and are looking frightening and is their fear factor coming back? Jose have made excellent signings but easy when you have the...
  11. Jags..class

    New signings signings

    Williams Solid signing and can't wait to see him start in Saturday but who will be dropped I like jags and mori and also like the look of holgate. Looking good in this area and would be ace if we could sign kone Gueye Looks like a starter every week, our engine and will be loved by the fans...
  12. Jags..class

    All these transfer threads

    Are pointless, should be threads for bids that are confirmed only by Everton F C
  13. Jags..class

    Spirit of the Blues

    Love this song What your favourite Everton song?
  14. Jags..class

    Sticking up for us in the media

    So we have ex players, presenters all saying why did he move? So who our media sweetheart?
  15. Jags..class


    Thought I would create this so we could talk about the rumours and what a dof would do for us and what examples does our rivals have? Is a DOF required? Wat clubs in the premiership have a DOF?
  16. Jags..class

    Can a new manager repair the squad

    Had the damage been done by Martinez, our best players under Moyes are past their best Osman Howard Baines Jags Pienaar Barry is also aging Our best player is leaving lukaku Our best young players are broken stones and Barkley Doesnt really leave us much.
  17. Jags..class

    Mikel Arteta (coach)

    Is wanted by pep and pochettino as their backroom staff, must be highly rated for a future role in the backroom team. Shouldnt we get in there as well.
  18. Jags..class

    Squad next season

    Massive rebuilding job Gibson Osman Howard Hibbert Pienaar Mirralas Lukaku Stones Mcgeady All gone. Lukaku and stones have gone.Barkley not looking good. So we sign a world class manager who can keep lukaku, stones and Barkley. Nah that doent happen to Everton. Barkley maybe the only one we...
  19. Jags..class


    Barkley got 2 years left, are we in talks over a contract, what the odds in him signing? 70% He on around 50k now, we offer around 80k for five years Worth round 30 million Stones Got 3 years left, handed a transfer request in once. Ambitious On around 40k Won't sign a new contract 10% in...
  20. Jags..class

    Die hard Everton fan agrees to get tattoo of Liverpool badge

    Die hard Everton fan agrees to get tattoo of Liverpool badge to raise money for cancer charity 11:12, 3 Feb 2016 Updated 11:36, 3 Feb 2016 By Kate Samuelson Michael Devereau is a keen fund-raiser for Balls to Cancer and decided to get inked when he found out the charity's funds were running...
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