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    Gareth Barry

    Move him on in the summer? MLS maybe get his wages free cos he is definitely not worth the money he gets. Need to replace him maybe ledson could be ready to progress he's similar from what I've seen?
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    Ross Barkley song

    Can we get something sorted in terms of a song for Ross Barkley next year. Just been belting out to stand by me Whenever your in trouble always remember we've got Rossss Barkley(stand by me) Ohhhhh Ross Barkley !! Ye well needs more lyrics but it goes boss
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    January Business Done Early?

    In past seasons we have had moyes dithering Dave last minute loan deal. Will Roberto urge the board to back him to try make that top four ?? If we can Johnny and jelavic will both move on and we will bring in a striker definitely although we are okay in defence. So do you expect early...
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    Josef Husbauer

    Linked to this guy who is a attacking midfielder with abilities we dont currently have in the team.
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    pablo hernandez (valencia)

    Why have we not went for him 5 million right midfielder and he's decent aswell
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