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  1. polish

    Steve Hitchen

    Apparently our target for DOF. Mixed feelings. Apparently he was instrumental in signing Suarez for that lot, but he's got QPR and Derby in his CV and his last transfers were Ndombele and Lo Celso for about 100 milion quid. Reeks of Steve Walsh?
  2. polish

    Jean-Clair Todibo

    Welcome to Everton? I asked my Schalke supporting mate for opinion on him and he said: Big potential. Maybe a little bit too cavalier for his position on the pitch, but it's due to his age and inexperience. In fact he has everything - pace, power, recovery, positioning, bringing the ball out of...
  3. polish


    Welcome to Everton, you beautiful monster.
  4. polish

    Tickets for the derby

    Is there any chance to obtain something like 4 tickets for the derby at Goodison in March? There are none at StubHub and their price stays currently at 125 pounds. Its a fortune in Poland and I couldnt afford it so I'd appreciate any help to get me and my family to the game.
  5. polish

    Made up for the club

    Think this deserves a recognition. Quick translation: Daughter of this fine young man who supports our club since the 70's (wasn't easy to even follow results of english club during that era in Poland btw) wrote to Everton whether they could send her a signed poster for her dad's 60th...
  6. polish

    Managers within our reach

    As maybe some of you know, I'm not biggest fan of Marco Silva, so I compiled a list of managers who are imo attainable by a club of our size and have better credentials than our current manager. I divided them by countries they're currently managing and there is a list of unemployed ones as...
  7. polish

    Chelsea game travel

    Know it sounds mad but I'm coming over in March for a game against Chelsea at Goodison. Haven't been in Liverpool for almost 8 years, so I would appreciate any tips where to go to have some fun (Lisbon - I know), what places are must-see and the most important thing - what's the best way to...
  8. polish

    Eddie Howe

    Would like to know your opinion about Edward John Frank Howe. Should we go for him in the Summer? Are there any better candidates? He’s proven in the league, he’s young and his side is playing a decent brand of football. There are some defensive woes but being honest, he’s managing the...
  9. polish

    Howard Kendall interview Good piece of article.
  10. polish

    Everton tactical analyses

    I'm an addicted Football Manager player and football tactic lover. I'm trying to replicate the Martinez style in a game and I want to know everything about it. Of course I watched every single game of our beloved Toffees this season (and I attended Roberto first ever game with us in Vien) and I...
  11. polish

    Arkadiusz Milik - polish forward

    There are plenty of rumours about him and Everton. Our scouts watched him few times, other clubs interested are Lyon, Udinese and Anderlecht. He's brightest polish prospect. Started to play in top flight when he was 17. He could be better than Dortmund's Lewandowski and for one milion pounds...
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