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  1. Dixieslaces

    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Nathan Patterson - 2022/23 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Dixieslaces
  2. Dixieslaces

    2021/22 Nathan Patterson

    Nathan Patterson - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Dixieslaces
  3. Dixieslaces

    Quick Question re getting birthday greeting read out at Goodison

    Cant find anything on Everton site but would like to request a Birthday message at the match for my Son, any help appreciated! TIA COYB
  4. Dixieslaces

    Mash Up Everton Top

    So seeing the Mash Up City top, anyone think this would be a superb idea for Everton. I'm too computer illiterate to mock one up but I think would be a great addition! *mods delete if a thread already exists. COYB TOFFEE FOREVER
  5. Dixieslaces

    Eric Harrison

    IIRC Eric was with Everton for a part of Gordon Lee/ Howard Kendalll era? I remember him around Goodison and was at school with his daughter Vicky, they lived in Haig Ave in Southport at the time. Can't recall much more or circumstances on why he went to Utd. I may have got this completely...
  6. Dixieslaces

    Wenger and Arteta Partnership?

    Just saying? worth a punt, with a succession policy in place for Arteta to step up after Arsene finally retires? I personally think this would be a great opportunity for all concerned. I obviously stand to be corrected!
  7. Dixieslaces

    Ancelloti Anyone?

    Just asking? *waits for implosion!
  8. Dixieslaces

    Why no statement from the Club

    Guys please close this if already in another thread. Why haven't we made any statement regarding Lukaku and Barkley at all? Surely we must say something soon. Especially re Lukaku his disrespect is incredible.
  9. Dixieslaces

    SURE More money Toffees
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