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  1. Wat Tyler

    Our finances in the Championship

    How bad will it be? Will we sell players and be ok? Or are we a ticking timebomb that will go into administration? Genuine question, I don’t know how bad it will be, are we going to be in financial meltdown? Surely it will affect the ground.
  2. Wat Tyler

    Ten Great Everton goals this decade Whether they’re the ten best I don’t know, but I enjoyed watching them all again.
  3. Wat Tyler

    Top Goalscorer tally

    We all know that we never replaced Lukaku, which was bordering on gross negligence. But we are where we are now, so my question is: who will get us 10 goals this season? I don't want to be a knee jerk reactionary cry arse, but who will score our goals for us? Rooney? The most likely, as Koeman...
  4. Wat Tyler

    Europa League Group Draw 25/8/17 Noon

    We get one from Pot 1, Pot 3, and Pot 4 Pot 1: Arsenal, Zenit St. Petersburg, Lyon, Dynamo Kiev, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao, Lazio, AC Milan, Viktoria Plzen, FC Salzburg, FC Copenhagen, Braga Pot 2: Steaua Bucharest, Ludogorets Razgrad, BATE Borisov, Everton, Young Boys, Marseille, Real...
  5. Wat Tyler

    The Everton Show

    It's an hour long show on Bay TV, on freeview now.
  6. Wat Tyler

    End of this month

    We all heard Moyes' comments about his contract being put on hold until after this window. Well now he has said the only money he has can go on loan signings. So, do you think this means Moyes wont sign a new deal? We are sitting in sight of fourth, ripe for pushing on, yet all talk is about if...
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