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    Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Joe Hart Van Djik/Keane (or both?) Sigurdson Rooney Names i would like us to target based on rumours/realistic options IMO Would like to have Lukaku and Barkley signed up beforehand if they are signing on that is.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    at a guess, another 3 seasons at goodison therefore would start at the 21/22 season there?
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    Ross Barkley

    Ross played more like a evertonian yesterday and his game was better for it, hope he keeps that passion up. Well played Ross ;)
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    Match Thread Everton vs Bournemouth 3pm Saturday 4th Feb

    Watching the 3 bournemouth goals back they where so poor. 1st Funes Mori was too busy keeping himself in line he was 3 yards away from King (Mori's fault) 2nd Lookman was caught out then, coleman (why he was there) was wrong side of king, where was the centre half defending the front post? 3rd...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Yes it actually will by the time hes back, looking like it will be November? However will he be the same? we have invested £25M but such a big injury has seen many players damaged for the rest of their career. Just have to wait and see. Lennon will likely leave in the summer and we should...
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    Match Thread Everton vs Bournemouth 3pm Saturday 4th Feb

    Lookman should start and gueye
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    What would be seen as a successful season?

    i think we should be no lower than 7th which is a improvement on last couple of years. if we get around the 60-65pts mark we shouldnt be too far from top 6. Aslong Man utd win the cup and the FA cup winners are top 5 we will take a europa spot which again is progress. the summer will be massive...
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    Everton v Crystal Palace. 30 Sep at 2000.

    hope we get back to high intensity and hit them hard this year, 3 years running we have not performed against these. Dont know if Ross should be put on the bench hes not performing at all. Mirallas up top behind Lukaku Bolasie (not performing) wide left, Deulofeu (wide right) Gueye, Barry...
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    Clapping Naismith

    it was like a friendly. We clapped there goals then booed our team ;)
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    Idrissa Gueye

    Idrissa 'Gana' Gueye - fabulous player by the way SSN saturday afternoon, merson, Li tis, thompson all saying Gueye is great player similar to Kante but Kante is in a different league. i had to agree - the league below gueye ;). i hope he can play every game 90mins without burning out. he is...
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    Song for Gu(e)y(e)

    "Oh what a Gueye" Or "Must be love, love, love" There my choices
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    The "Buzz"

    I'll be buzzing if we beat the Red S***e to go top at Xmas :dance:
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    Stones OR Bolasie + Williams ?

    Voted Bolasie + Williams In the short it's what we need to progress.
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    Upcoming September fixtures

    Quietly Confident in a big return - 10pts Max at home 1 win 1 draw on the road 12 pts would be unbelievable yet very achievable baring injuries etc.
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    Closing Thoughts on the Transfer Window

    After sleeping on it. I am feeling much better yet still disappointed as we all are including Ronald Koeman no doubt. Valencia is definitely just another body, I believe he's been brought in as we ran out of options time whatever. I see him as a player who will work hard and defend from the...
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    Name three for us to sign..............before 23.00 hrs 31/8

    CB, Brahimi, Gabbiadini
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    We need 4 in my opinion. Goalkeeper isn't a must stekers has been outstanding for me I like him and would be happy with him continuing as no1 Defence we need a centre back probably. I would not buy a right back as holgate has shown he can cover here and even challenge Coleman to perform...
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    So far we have 4/6 at home So far we have 3/3 away Target (top 6) At home we need to secure 40/57 Away we need to secure 20/57 This would give us 60 points and we should be in and around 5th/6th.
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    Transfer Rumour Manolo Gabbiadini

    This actually happening?? Can't say I've seen him play.
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    I would play him Left Midfield personally he is similar to Pienaar so would bring Baines into the game more in my opinion however Koeman plays a fluid style in the attacking areas so Brahimi would end up moving all over the midfield. Would push Lennon out. Mirallas Bolasie Deulofeu pushing for 1...
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