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  1. Billy Dean

    Salty Kopite Media

    Just a thread in case anyone wants to share any kopite saltiness from last night. This is a funny one
  2. Billy Dean

    Tyler Onyango

    I'd start him alongside Doucoure tomorrow. Delph and Gomes have let us down too many times. Might as well throw the kid in there. Can't be any worse than them 2
  3. Billy Dean

    Who's next after Brands?

    We have a who's next after Benitez thread. Considering there are reports in the papers that Brands will also be replaced, let's speculate about who might replace him. It beats the endless tedious fume of the Benitez threads anyway. And for this one I've put in a poll of potential candidates...
  4. Billy Dean

    Transfer Rumour Sergio Agüero

    Welcome to Everton
  5. Billy Dean

    Pat Van den Hauwe

    Was having an off topic conversation about him in another thread so thought I'd start his own thread. Probably the least heralded of our 85 team, so for me it was interesting to see/hear him on Howard's Way. Seems a very colourful character. I'll be ordering his autobiography. I just read Howard...
  6. Billy Dean

    Adrian Heath

    Interested to hear from those that saw him play and can remember him well how good he was and how good he could've been if not for that Marwood tackle? He was my first Everton hero, I think because he scored in my first Blues game (86 Charity Shield) and some other goals in the 87 title winning...
  7. Billy Dean

    Gazza at Everton

    Just been reading the article in the Athletic about Gazza's time at Everton. It's behind a paywall unfortunately but some very funny stories in there including Alan Myers getting the hump with him for autographing everything in his car and also this Shame we never had him in his pomp
  8. Billy Dean

    Neville Southall is the undisputed king of Twitter

    Not only is Southall a legend as a player but also as a man. If you don't do it already then follow him on Twitter. He's doing sterling work raising awareness of a wide range of social issues. A genuinely great man IMHO. He doesn't seem to be involved with the club in any capacity. He'd be a...
  9. Billy Dean

    Watching the Blues in NYC

    Anyone can recommend a bar in NYC to watch the game tomorrow?
  10. Billy Dean

    The Way Forward: Director of Football

    We're all getting too caught up in talk of sacking our stupid tit of a manager (I'm including myself in that) when it just dawned on me that the real priority for Moshiri should be scouring European football for a DoF. Get him in, sack Walsh or demote him to chief scout (although I think even...
  11. Billy Dean

    Writing off our young players

    This is a situation that has been simmering for a while and I feel come to a head after yesterday's game. There are a lot of posters writing off our kids at the moment. When you post things like "I see nothing to suggest this kid is good enough" when they've played less than a handful of games...
  12. Billy Dean

    Gareth Farrelly

    Nice piece here about him in the Guardian. I never really followed his career after that goal he scored for us. Seems quite eventful.
  13. Billy Dean

    Barry Glendenning's comments in the Guardian

    Latest example of terrible Everton-related journalism: "We can only hope that Barkley’s maturity rubs off on the Everton supporters who spend so much time admiring protest banners that they’ve paid to trail across the sky that they fail to appreciate the wealth of young talent representing...
  14. Billy Dean

    Miracle of Merseyside - 1984/85

    Found this on Youtube today (soz if posted already, couldn't find it in a search). Sportsnight (remember that?) season review of our 1984/85 campaign, before the end of that season. Some good footage and some good interviews with Inchy (looked abar 15), Peter Reid and his parents, Howard...
  15. Billy Dean

    86/87 Championship Season

    Stumbled on this on that there Youtube today. Some good footage of our 87 title winning season. A nice reminder of happier times. A lot of Sheedy's uberbossness displayed on this video, and Inchy and Sharp slotting for fun.
  16. Billy Dean

    Francis Jeffers back in the fold?

    According to this we're giving him his 1st steps in coaching: Wonder if that means we'll be taking him on full-time or if he's just here for...
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