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    Sick to death of all those folk, other clubs and media going at our club. What is it with them, cannot them stomach our club and want to do anything to bring us down.
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    Everton: Pickford, Coleman (c), Keane, Holgate, Kenny, Iwobi (66' Townsend), Allan [Y:15'] (46' Gomes), van de Beek, Gordon (75' Dele Alli), Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin [Y:39']. Subs not Used: Begovic, Patterson,Mykolenko, Branthwaite, Rondon, El Ghazi. There we are, U/S Coleman, Iwobi, Gomes...
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    False posting

    Groucho have you seen my conversation start?
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    Took this off Toffeeweb, has anyone else read it? Everyone else to blame but not him. Talks of not signing a striker but he was the manager and look at the crap he did sign. Enjoy Ronald Koeman has cited the lack of a proven goalscorer and the weight of supporter expectation among the reasons...
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    Players doing buggar all but picking up a handsome pay packet per month which the majority of folk on here would not get in a year. 1) Bernard has not contributed much at all to the club winning, played very few game minutes. A drain on the club. Needs to be offloaded 2) Tosun likewise has...
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    Players to keep or let go.

    Adam Jones ran his rule over Everton players, in summary here it is. Pickford keep Stekelenburg release Coleman keep Sidibe don't sign Martina release...
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    Ellis Simms

    33 appearances, 41 goals, okay under 18s - but!!!!!!!!!!! The lad must have something our strikers have n't.
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    7000 goals.

    Have looked but this does not seem to have been mentioned, pardon me if it has some where. But with Mina's goal that was our 7000th in top class football - a record. We are the first team to hit that. So well done Everton FC.
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    Memory Lane - your first Everton game.

    Not sure if this has been done before but let the forum here what was your first Everton game and the details. I will start, it was back in 1963, 11th May to be exact. I was 11 years old and had only just come out of hospital a couple of months before and was somewhat weak Dad had been able to...
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    We won a Derby game!!!

    Probably been posted already, the U18s beat our neighbours at FF, score 3-1.
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    Happy New Year

    Never mind what differences we may have regarding the ownership or management of our club we are all first and foremost Evertonians. Off to sit and have a drink with my wife to await the new year and the fireworks. Already see Auckland. Sydney, Hong Kong and Dubai. So all the best to my fellow...
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    Interesting league table info

    Season Date Played Won Drawn Lost Goals for Goals against GD Points Posn DM last season 2012/13 09/03 28 11 12 5 44 36 9 45 6 RM first season 2013/14 15/03...
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    Goodison Park

    I was watching the highlights last night and at the end, the interview of RM which was on the pitch had me looking at GP. I thought to myself the memories I have of this place going back to 60/61 which was when I started are just out of this world. I can recall games where the attendance was...
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    From Russia with Love

    I picked this up from Toffweb, just had to laugh at this and share. Cannot believe all this floating around our club, what with that KSC and now this. Hello, fellow Blues. I am a Hackney driver in the city. Last Thursday Liverpool played Rubin Kazan and that afternoon a Russian guy got in my...
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    Everton goal of the season

    I know there are a few more games to go but I thought I would start this off now after yesterday's Manc's obliteration (and stuff you Van Gaal) For me, I will start and probably get shot down. John Stones yesterday. this was a great goal and it has been a long tome since we had a goal scored...
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    In the midst of the doom and gloom of this season, although some light is showing at the end of the tunnel. This may help to dispel some of the gloom. It is long if you stick it out but worth it.
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    Hull Tigers v Everton. New Year's Day at 15.00.

    I see atm no preview of this match, well this is not one. I would hope that the result tomorrow will give us a great New Year's day and especially for those fans who no doubt will make the long journey. I hope their faith and aupport is trewarded with a resounding win to give them New Years...
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    Blue Hero

    On BBC northwest tonight a five minute piece on Everton. The club had put out for nominations from colleagues for nurses who were more than upto the job but excelled. About two dozen were invited to GP for the day. The nurses thought they had been invited for a tour of GP and had no idea they...
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    Most remembered Everton Goals

    Well over on the Alehouse, we have the fit birds thread and what are you listening to now. So I thought how about something more tuned into out football club. I am sure that there are some members of the web site who go back to the early fifties albeit in short trousers. There has to be...
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