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  1. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    What's Our Best Worst Result Ever?

    I got to thinking after the Newcastle result, some Geordies are probably quite miffed that they beat us, on the basis that a big win for us could possibly have got Bruce sacked. This would inevitably have led to jubilation on Tyneside. It brought to mind the day Boro whacked us 3-0 in the cup...
  2. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    A Grand Old Team To Report

    Merry Christmas you lovely Blue People. My lovely wife treated me to a copy of 'A Grand Old Team To Report', written by David Prentice, for Christmas. I'm only up to chapter four but I have to say that so far, it's a great read with lots of interesting insights that cover all things Everton...
  3. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    Reasons To Be Cheerful; Volume 1

    I've just read in the media that this season will be the first time in 25 years that Arsenal have finished outside the top six. Wow! That's quite a statistic, especially when you throw in all the trophies over those years. And yet.... Their fans moan and bitch more than kopites! But this got me...
  4. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    A Funeral Poem For A True Blue (My Everton Heaven)

    Here's a wonderful poem that I found online that I thought was well worth sharing on here with my Blue friends. Moderators, feel free to move it if you think there's a more appropriate place for it. Lift you head please no more tears, And think of all those happy years. I'm in a place that I'm...
  5. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    Moshiri's Mess???

    I know hindsight is a wonderful thing my friends but consider this for a moment. How different might things be if Moshiri hadn't made the panic appointment of the fat fraud in November 2017? Contrary to what the pundits believe, he didn't 'save' us. Any half-decent coach would have easily done...
  6. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    A Season of Nothing

    I know there's not much affection for the Daily Mail on here, but Dominic King has summed up this season perfectly in today's 'The Verdict'. It's well worth a read but here's his last thought for you; "it should be so much better. It's a long time since it has felt worse." I've just read it...
  7. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    I Just Don't Get It!

    What I don't get is how teams like Brighton, Swansea and Wigan can play teams like Arsenal, the rs and Citeh, put in great performances and end up beating them yet, against such opposition, we play like awestruck teenagers. This inevitably leads to a good beating of course. Can anybody explain...
  8. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    Don't Blame Me, I Only Work Here

    One of Allardyce's quotes after the 'no show' at Watford reads as follows; "But you can't blame me if they don't pass the ball to each other." Has anybody got any idea who we should blame, if our multi million pound manager who allegedly coaches these players reckons it's not his fault?
  9. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    Is This The Worst Season In Living Memory (Relatively)?

    I just thought I'd pose this question because, on the back of 7th place last season and more money spent than ever, this season promised so, so much. Instead, it's been an abysmal season, pretty much since the first kick of the season. We did, of course, have much worse seasons in the early...
  10. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    The Saint Domingo Song

    I've just been listening (for the millionth time!) to 'The Saint Domingo Song' by The Prisoners of Rupert's Tower and I would urge any Evertonian, young or old, to have a listen to it if you've not already heard it. It's a brilliant and catchy summary of our incredible history from the day we...
  11. SantaClausisanEvertonian

    MOTD Everton V Spurs

    Is it just me or have MOTD just shown about five minutes of today's game and then spent double that time providing a boring analysis by Neville and his equally boring friends?
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