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  1. wilfjacko

    News of Ex Players

    Was that Marys lad?
  2. wilfjacko

    The Forgotten Champions 1986/1987 Everton's Last Title

    He doesn't like scousers.
  3. wilfjacko

    Duncan Ferguson Management

    It worked for the rs.
  4. wilfjacko

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Are you intentionally funny?
  5. wilfjacko

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We should have went out and lost?
  6. wilfjacko

    Happy Birthday Colin Harvey

    2nd only to Alan Ball.
  7. wilfjacko


    But he's still Shiite
  8. wilfjacko

    Old Everton Pictures

    Great pic Joey.
  9. wilfjacko

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Did YOU believe him?
  10. wilfjacko

    Club Statement: Coronavirus

    Get your head down , see you in August? Maybe.
  11. wilfjacko

    2019/20 Leighton Baines.

    Ain't nowt wrong with my recall bro
  12. wilfjacko

    2019/20 Leighton Baines.

    What drugs are you on?...fool
  13. wilfjacko

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Don't be silly.
  14. wilfjacko

    Did Moise Kean mean to pass or shoot?

    It was a shot.. End of.
  15. wilfjacko

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Attention seeker.
  16. wilfjacko

    Match Thread Everton v Burnley - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I think he opened the dictionary on P and T ya'll
  17. wilfjacko


    It was a bit smaller than the subbuteo pitch, same material.
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