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  1. Bilko

    Ref of the season at Goodison Park ?.

    Just as a matter of interest, who would you consider to of been the best Ref at Goodison Park this season ?. I'm interested in the match going fans who watch them live , so they see the same thing in real terms and would have to make instant decisions at the time. Refs who didn't inflame...
  2. Bilko

    Old Everton programme

    I Have seen this old programme and was trying to find out who won the game, thinking of buying it but if we lost, not so much. The problem is looking at the date we didn't play them on that day or after it. Anyone enlighten me ?
  3. Bilko

    Everton fan of the year

    I see Joe Moore has deservedly won the award this season. Those not on Twitter may not be aware of his tremendous efforts to raise money for Autism, he's been training for a while now , overcoming his own difficulties to prepare to climb Snowdon I think he's on course to raise 20 grand Special...
  4. Bilko

    Without spirit.....

    Still reeling on yesterday's result, like you all, very little surprises me with our team , missing opportunities to progress on a regular basis has become the norm from week to week. The summary from the manager is intriguing and ,I would imagine impossible to correct. Playing without spirit...
  5. Bilko

    Michael Oliver

    I'm going to post it, thought he was bang on excellent tonight.great to see a referee buy himself a wee bit of thinking time before making his decision. Played the advantage rule very well, allowed players to make "proper tackles ".big decisions he got right,fair play to him, was a big game to...
  6. Bilko

    oversea blues

    Just in case any lids don't read their e-mails often club shop is offering free world wide delivery on orders over 60 stirling,offer ends friday 4pm BST. save a few notes maybe,and boost the transfer fund in the process..........
  7. Bilko

    20 years ago today

    did we ever play better than this since, I can't think when if we day in the 90's when we played like the eighties team ! //
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