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    Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

    Yes, booked up to do Baltimore, flying into Washington on 12/7 then over to Minneapolis/St Paul for the Minnesota Utd game. I've always enjoyed our trips to the USAA. Then again, I enjoy following Everton anywhere I can.
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    Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

    Cheers, mate. Good of you. :cheers:
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    Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

    Hi! Any advice on sections? Did you contact Minnesota, or a ticketing agency? We'll be over for both the games; going to Washington on 12th, then on to Baltimore 15 and 16, before flying to Minneapolis/St Paul on 17th to 21st. When I've been over to the US previously, the various Everton groups...
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    Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

    Donny with a 'J' apparently!!! ;-P
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    Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

    Donny with a 'J' apparently!!! ;-P
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    Everton Pre-Season (Tours) 2022/23 Thread

    Erm, 5-1... just because JvdB has gone back to Man U, doesn't means he takes his goal with him!!!
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    Match Thread Everton v Leicester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    See, I hate that attitude. In football, and in any walk of life. It smacks of entitlement, rather than putting in the graft necessary to improve and deliver the required results. People like Lookman and Thierry Small make me want to puke, with their titty-lipped attitude. If at first you don't...
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    Match Thread Crystal Palace v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    And Rooney's managerial credentials are....?!! Terrible shout.
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    Match Thread Crystal Palace v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Please tell me what credentials Rooney has as a manager. Terrible shout!
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    Who is the worst Everton player you have seen in the Premier League era?

    Dennis Straqua - firecracker. No, not having that. Played like a fan, but Jesus he had heart. Never forget that Chelsea game.
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    Who is the worst Everton player you have seen in the Premier League era?

    There was a player in Kroldrup, just not for heading the ball; a massive problem if you play centre half in the EPL!
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    My oldest son's first European away trip, too. He was 15, so into the beers by then. He had such a great time, his sister (2 years younger) insisted on coming the next game, which gave me a ticket problem, so had to get tickets for home end at Alkmaar (down the side, to the left of the Blues'...
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    Liverpool at Anfield or Utd at Old Trafford

    Jon Moss was the VAR and it's Chris Kavanagh. Otherwise, spot on!!!
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    Match Thread Wolves v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I think you're right, you have lost perspective: The defeats to Villa and Watford were both down to 10-15 minute periods where the team lost their heads and basically surrendered, instead of digging in, and doing the ugly stuff to wrestle back some control. I think we did enough to win the QPR...
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    Tactical Side of Rafael Regime

    Wow! Someone's glass is half empty, and what's in it must taste like piss and vinegar! Southampton and Burnley have both caused us problems previously, which probably explains the conservative set-up. But after falling behind we won both handily, and could have had more goals, especially against...
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    Parking for QPR?

    Cockfosters is Piccadilly line, mate. If you want top end of the Northern, it's High Barnet, also off the M25 at the Potters Bar exit.
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    What's your verdict on Marcel Brands?

    It's a difficult, nuanced job, as you indicate. If a DoF just pleases himself and foists players onto the manager, you give him a built-in excuse for failure, because why should he 'own' the success of players he thought (or can always say he thought) were crap or a poor fit? So you have to...
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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    Your most positive post ever, Dave!
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    2021/22 Richarlison

    OK, you are now Moshiri, DBB and Brands all merged into one little elfin body. What would you do to demonstrate your ambition, and how do you react to this situation with PSG?
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Their online ticket purchasing system seems to block newly registered clients from buying the tickets... So, you register and then can't actually complete the purchase!
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