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  1. micknick

    Kit help

    My lad has a birthday coming up and really wants the black orange slash kit. The club doesn’t have any stock on his size anymore and an order with JD sports was cancelled due to no stock. He’s a youth medium and wants it printed. Does anyone have any contacts or anywhere I can look? Have...
  2. micknick

    Coach/Assistant to manager

    With Unsworth saying all the right things and giving all Evertonians a warm fuzzt feeling again yesterday it got me thinking about youth team coaches, assistant managers of clubs that have made the step up. I know De Boer at Ajax took a similar path for youth team to first team, Jose was merely...
  3. micknick

    Jim White- Talksport

    Discussing Everton and some quotes from Moshiri from 10am.
  4. micknick

    Villa Away Match report and MOTM 01.03.2016

    Don’t ya wish ya owner was Mo-Sho-ri… After the euphoria of the news at the weekend it was time to get back to the bread and butter and a return from ‘a warm weather training’ camp in Dubai saw the blues travel to Aston Villa. Everton lined up with a strong looking 4-2-3-1 against an Aston...
  5. micknick

    Hopes this season

    For me the biggest plus if the transfer window was keeping our best young players together. This squad is young with a sprinkling of experience. Martinez has a plan, to keep the squad together and add one or two players that can make a difference every window. We can't buy trophies as we...
  6. micknick

    New season- Hopes, ambitions and predictions

    Dont know about you lot but I cannot wait for the new season to get going. The shiny new kit, the new first 11 whoever may be included in it, Roberto pointing to the sky in celebration and the opportunity of being top of the table after the first day of games. But I was just thinking what are...
  7. micknick

    Andy Burnham EITC

    Hi all- Andy Burnham is running the London marathon for Everton in the community: Would be great if you could donate:
  8. micknick

    Vellios on loan to Blackpool

    For the rest of the season. Thank god we might actually get to see if hes any good!
  9. micknick

    Wound up

    I know we dont really need it but this thread is for all the reasons you really want to do this lot on Saturday. I'll start:
  10. micknick

    New Crest Consultation

    CONFIRMED DESIGNS Confirmed by the club that we are due to into a consultation phase to establish a new club crest. OUR NEW CREST In the Club’s 135-year history there have been 10 versions of the official Everton...
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