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  1. The Esk

    Everton Accounts 2015/16 (preview ) GM confirmed 4 January 2017

    With the imminent release of the 2015/16 accounts this thread will cover all the interesting points. Although not a precise science (thus giving myself some margin for error) I am expecting a reduction in operating profit before player trading from £16.0 m in 2014/15 to something in the order...
  2. The Esk

    The Great Disconnect - why we love our team but need the club to rebuild our trust

    From the front page When you speak to almost anyone in football about Everton Football Club, you normally get glowing references back – be it about their personal dealings, the warmth of welcome, professionalism, and how well the club is run. The one major exception to that group is...
  3. The Esk

    Who is the best centre half you have seen in an Everton shirt since Kevin Ratcliffe?

    Simple question : Who is the best centre half you have seen in an Everton shirt since Kevin Ratcliffe ?
  4. The Esk

    Unregulated lenders to the Premier League to be banned from 2017/18 Premier League to Ban Unregulated, Offshore Soccer Lenders Tariq Panja tariqpanja November 18, 2016 — 5:31 PM GMT Clubs borrowed millions against future television incomes Next...
  5. The Esk

    Two minute silence - Act of Remembrance

    Each year at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we observe a Two Minute Silence. Armistice Day on 11 November marks the end of the First World War and is a day to remember and honour those who have paid the price for our freedom At 11am the site will close for 2...
  6. The Esk

    Who is/was the best header of a ball in an Everton shirt since Joe Royle?

    Simple question. Who is/was the greatest header of a ball since Joe Royle in an Everton shirt?
  7. The Esk

    Everton related books

    Had a search and I couldn't find a thread dedicated to Everton books - thought it might be a good idea. I wanted to let people know that Dr David France's latest book "Everton Crazy" is now available on pre-order. There's only 1,000 copies so I guess you need to be quick! "All royalties from...
  8. The Esk

    Food banks at Goodison

    I don't know all the details behind this initiative but I know it's for a genuine and needy cause and Everton Football Club have become official partners. The Everton Supporters Trust and the Spirit of Shankly have come together to help tackle foodbank shortages with collections at all home...
  9. The Esk

    For any Toffees in the Bristol area:

  10. The Esk

    How many times have you seen Everton live?

    I've kept a journal or diary since I was a teenager, and over the summer decided to work out how many times I've seen Everton live. Now I'm firmly in the camp that you don't judge how big an Evertonian you are by the number of games you go to as there's so many contributory factors -...
  11. The Esk

    How much will our net spend be at the end of the window?

    A bit of fun this one. Quite simple, how much will our net spend be this window? Closest answer to the final figure wins a GOT mug or dinner with @Bruce Wayne.
  12. The Esk

    Everton, our summer transfers and short term cost control regulations

    Following earlier discussions about short term cost controls I've written a front page article: As is now commonly accepted Everton are for the first time in the Premier League era in a...
  13. The Esk

    Blues - In Memoriam

    Arising from a wonderful thread started by @evo1878 , came the idea of a thread dedicated to Blues who sadly are no longer with us. I hope it becomes a celebration of past Blues as well as a place for Blues suffering recent bereavement. Like the "depression" thread I'm sure it will become a...
  14. The Esk

    Ambitions for next season

    What level of ambition are you comfortable with for Everton next season? We've a new manager, a new management structure, very significant transfer resources, some great existing talent and outstanding youngsters. Therefore where should we set our ambitions and what are you comfortable with...
  15. The Esk

    Homepage Update: Assuming control, the first 100 Days…

    Assuming control, the first 100 Days…, by the esk This week marks 100 days since Moshiri’s acquisition of 49.9% of Everton Football Club. The first 100 days is a term coined by a radio address by the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in July 1933. He realised that the first months of a...
  16. The Esk

    Homepage Update: Why watching Everton in a new stadium need not be any more expensive than Goodison Park.

    Why watching Everton in a new stadium need not be any more expensive than Goodison Park., by the esk One of the fears for the bulk of fans when moving to a new stadium is the threat and usually the reality of increases in ticket prices. This may seem particularly relevant in the case of...
  17. The Esk

    Homepage Update: The scale of the off-field challenge facing Everton

    The scale of the off-field challenge facing Everton, by the esk I wrote last week about the reasons for feeling optimistic about Everton, the need for a change of management – now underway, and the need for changes off the pitch. Now this is not going to be a personal vendetta against the...
  18. The Esk

    Homepage Update: Why there is a demand for change and the reasons to be optimistic for the future

    Why there is a demand for change and the reasons to be optimistic for the future, by the esk Looking at Everton at present, on a day by day basis is rather like the tumultuous final days of a fading and failing empire. Without the arrival of Mr Moshiri, the situation would be extremely bleak...
  19. The Esk

    Source of inspiration?

    Imagine for a moment you get a call from Bobby and he asks you to suggest a source of inspiration to be used in the dressing room prior to the game today. What would it be? It can be anything, music, film, memory from the past, an inspiring individual, a quote or a piece of poetry, a former...
  20. The Esk

    Homepage Update: Nobody invests in regression

    Nobody invests in regression, by the esk Despite the desperate gloom of the Anfield debacle, and the impending feeling of further capitulation in the semi final on Saturday, we need to remind ourselves of the future. A season that has promised much has mirrored Martinez’s near three years...
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