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  1. ForeverEverton

    EFL Championship Thread

    FYI The EFL Championship starts on the weekend of 30th July 2022 and will pause for 5 weeks from 14th November till 10th December to accommodate the World Cup in Qatar. The final day of the season will be weekend 6th May with the play off finals scheduled for 27th-29th May. Championship...
  2. ForeverEverton

    Away Games/Form

    No doubt home form will be vital after beating Brentford and Leeds fairly comfortably but is away form a concern? No doubt we will have learnt a lot of lessons against Newcastle but I think he will be foolish to use the 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 away to Southampton on Saturday. Do we think away for is a...
  3. ForeverEverton

    FA Cup 4th Round Draw

    Who do we want? For me I`d take a home draw avoiding any Premier League sides, just to ensure we got through. What will happen is we`ll get City away and the RS will get Boreham Wood at home.....
  4. ForeverEverton

    Match Thread FA Cup, Hull City v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Surely a must win game after taking 6 points from the last 36 in the league against lower league opposition that sit 19th in the Championship with 23 points from 24 games with a goal difference of -9 which is similar form to ours. The Tigers look like the Everton of the Championship at the...
  5. ForeverEverton

    Premier League Predictor

    It would be interesting to see what everyone thinks and have a go, a bit of light relief. Maybe! My Everton results are :- City (H) L 3-1 Liverpool (A) L 2-1 Southampton (H) W 2-1 Chelsea (A) L 3-1 Burnley (H) W 1-0 West Brom...
  6. ForeverEverton

    Man City Banned From Europe For Next 2 Seasons

    5th could be Champions League
  7. ForeverEverton

    We are in real big trouble....

    No clean sheet since the opening day. 9 shipped in the last 2 games to giants like Atalanta and Southampton. No clue No desire Cant score No one wants the job Board dithering All the hallmarks of a relegated club..... We are in deep [Poor language removed]!!!
  8. ForeverEverton

    Blatter claims European Draws were `fixed`! Just read this article where Sepp Blatter claims European Draws were fixed using hot and cold balls. I`m sure this was the case having...
  9. ForeverEverton

    Delloitte Rich List

    Does it seem odd that we are 20th on the list with a revenue of £144m, an increase of over £60 from the previous 2 seasons, and if you take in to account player trading, why have we got no money to spend???
  10. ForeverEverton

    Interesting statistic, but something we knew anyway...
  11. ForeverEverton

    Collina Masterclass SKY Sports 1

    There is a program on now called Peirluigi Collina Masterclass on SKY Sports 1, he is being asked about refereeing decisions and analysing them. Wonder if he gets asked about how he cheated us out of the CL???
  12. ForeverEverton

    Aruna Kone

    Someone on twitter saying the Kone deal has just been completed
  13. ForeverEverton

    Predict the results in the Premier League and see the league table
  14. ForeverEverton

    Just one player short of a really quality side!

    In my opinion we should try our hardest to buy Michu from Swansea. This guy is class and would sit behind Jelavic, I think he would add more goals than Fellaini but also be more creative. Plus it allows Felli to go back to his best position IMO. Would love to see this :- Howard Coleman Jags...
  15. ForeverEverton

    Right Back

    All these new players we are signing all look quality but do you think we are still weak in the right back position. Neville and Hibbert are solid but I think we lack a 1st choice Right Back of real quality!!!
  16. ForeverEverton

    Everton on FIFA 12

    What formation and line-ups does everyone use. My X-Box gamertag is Jussy79UK My team:- Howard Hibbert Jags Distin Baines Rodwell Fellaini Coleman Barkley Gueye Saha With this team and formation I have gone from Div 10 to 7 in successive seasons.............. I am not brilliant at this...
  17. ForeverEverton

    The Takeover Rumour Thread.

    I know its not the most reputable source but this guy is really convinced his `source` is right. Just see his posts on twitter TheDaisyCutter1The Daisy Cutter @Forever_Everton Found out more news about it yesterday as it happens. But if you're going to be like that then you can whistle for...
  18. ForeverEverton

    BU meeting

    BU say the club are useless at communication, but why has no summary of the meeting been published yet? The meeting happened 3 days ago!!! I could not be there as I live 280 miles away in Weymouth and a trip to Liverpool and back is just over 11 hours and huge financial costs in fuel...
  19. ForeverEverton

    Phil McNulty on Twitter

    Started some intreresting tweets recently, has anyone seen them? At last someone in the media that cares about us ! This being his latest. "Seamus Coleman injury in Villarreal defeat is another big blow to Everton as it's clear Moyes has no cash to even dream about strengthening."
  20. ForeverEverton

    Reo Coker gone to Bolton

    Probably the best player we could afford this summer !!! Who are we in for? No Rumours nothing, every summer we think this has been the worst summer ever, only for the next one to be even worse. This is a new low, but who is left available in our price range? Personally I would take...
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