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  1. chazzle_dazzle

    Will we have a Nyarko/Finch Farm 5 moment

    So, it looks like its done and dusted. Everton have finally broke, a lot, if not the majority of the fanbase. I haven't felt like this about the football since I was 14, and this is going back a while now. I have to ask, when will this seasons Nyarko moment be? Doesn't have to be that, but the...
  2. chazzle_dazzle

    What is truly wrong with the club?

    Couldn't see a post for this specifically... What is genuinely the problem with the club, is it we had too long with Moyes and his "knife to a gun fight" mentality that when he went and we dared to dream that we have removed ourselves from what we where good at? New managers come in and have...
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