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  1. Toffeelen60

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    All our young forwards must be awful if they can't get in ahead if our only cf rondon
  2. Toffeelen60

    Carabao cup 2nd round draw

    Got Burnley away written all.over this
  3. Toffeelen60

    2021/22 Ellis Simms

  4. Toffeelen60

    2021/22 Ellis Simms

    Why do we send all our players out on loan to early in window, survey simms is better and quicker than rondon if not sell ffs
  5. Toffeelen60

    2021/22 Ellis Simms

  6. Toffeelen60

    Match Thread Crystal Palace v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Wow why are we surprised our football under Rafael is shocking cant be down to players all the time even though they are [Poor language removed], its rafas tactics no wonder digne had a go , Worst team ive seen in 50years of being a blue
  7. Toffeelen60

    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

    May as well be 1200-1never going to happen hopefully he not even on bench
  8. Toffeelen60

    Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

    Coming up for game tomorrow but unfortunatley cant get tkts any one know of good everton pub in town to watch game
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