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  1. Toffeeslam

    Media relishing Everton’s demise

    Reading some articles over the last few days I get the impression that the football meadow fraternity are really hoping for our relegation. I knew there lots of kopites infesting the media but this seems much more than usual almost belittling the club. Question what have we ever done to get...
  2. Toffeeslam

    David Moyes return

    Since everyone under the sun (now that RB gone) is being mentioned so I thought I add this too You decide
  3. Toffeeslam

    Worst home performance of the season

    There have been so many poor performances at home in contrast to the brilliant away form (added that for balance) which is the worst. PS I’m normally fuming at a home loss but now just numb so why which game really stick in your mind ?
  4. Toffeeslam

    Why are we so good away and average at home ?

    I know it’s a weird season but does having no fans mean in the ground really make a difference? We were told that the fume at Goodson put pressure on the team so with no fans why are we getting beat by Newcastle and West Ham and beating the likes of Leicester and Leeds away ?
  5. Toffeeslam

    Show of anger to the players

    Must be a way we can show the players how we really feel about them.
  6. Toffeeslam

    Worst Everton performance of the decade ?

    This is as bad as it gets for me quite simply embarrassing beyond belief. why is there a loser mentality in the dressing room at this great club ?? reeks of pathetic loser bottle job players who quite frankly are now stealing a living
  7. Toffeeslam

    Too scared to play football ?

    Having watched Everton this season it seems to me that we just can’t play football in an attacking sense. A completed pass seems to be as rare as unicorns and shots on goal seem to be a mamouth effort for our forwards. They seem to have the mental strength of a bunch of wet lettuces, Now has...
  8. Toffeeslam

    SportsPesa apology to Everton fans

    sorry if this already discussed but our shirt sponsor Sport Pesa have apologised for the daft tweet they sent after the last game The Kenyan-based betting firm, which also has a partnership with the Gunners, sent the message to "the fans of Everton Football Club", part of which read: "We owe...
  9. Toffeeslam

    Barkley included in EL squad

    Apparently Ross is in the EL squad so should he be knowing he will probably do one in January?
  10. Toffeeslam

    Expectations for next season ?

    Assuming we do invest well in the summer where will we finish......I know season is not over
  11. Toffeeslam

    Has the real Everton finally stood up ?

    After a good performance yesterday I expect us to kick on from here provided that we match that effort and intensity. What worries me is that this is a one off and we get piss performances again. But for now COYB !!!!!
  12. Toffeeslam

    What's happened to Jags

    Once he was our most reliable defender now giving away penalties like its gone out fashion and sent off tonight. i know that time catches up with us all but heck his form has dived big style, so what's happened to him ????
  13. Toffeeslam

    Booing players in your team

    Change of pace here just watching MOTD and noticed old Trafford booing Fellaini as he was warming up which I think is not on. Can't remember booing a player in our team at Goodison Park but I am told I am wrong so have you/would you ever boo one of our players during a game ?
  14. Toffeeslam

    When did this team go soft ?

    Its been like this now for what seems an age but since we moved on from Moyes the players have lost the will to fight for the shirt, so when did our players go completely soft on us ?
  15. Toffeeslam

    Where do we need to improve ?

    Just got back from the game...just talking to the lad next to me on what our biggest problems are and priorities in the up and coming transfer window. For me it has to be in midfield as from what i saw today we are well short of quality especially attacking wise. Others have looked at the CB...
  16. Toffeeslam

    Avoid the derby or watch in hope ?

    Lets face it we are hardly going into this derby with confidence and tge RS seem to have got it together, so if you haven't got a ticket will you watch it in hope ( you never know we could smash them) or avoid the game altogether. Most people i speak to are going to watch through the fingers...
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