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  1. OneTrueLegend

    Sydney Super Cup

    Given the November / December World Cup this year, some European teams are cashing in by attending tournaments in America and Australia ( with players not called up). Celtic are going to Australia to compete against Sydney FC and Western Sydney Warriors. Rangers were due to go, but have pulled...
  2. OneTrueLegend

    All Everton Matches to be shown on TV from 30 January to the last weekend of February

    from the os The following statement was today issued by the Premier League. All Premier League fixtures from Saturday 30 January to the last weekend of February will be made available to fans to watch live in the UK. Matches will continue to be shown via the existing services of broadcast...
  3. OneTrueLegend

    First game at Bramley-Moore

    After seeing the photos and watching the video I'm starting to get excited about the new stadium, so wanted to see who people thought should be our first game at Bramley-Moore? Given that this will probably be a preseason game I put a few forward that I think would be good or have a meaning for...
  4. OneTrueLegend

    Originally Kitbag, now Fanatics deal extended

    Kitbag (fanatics) deal has been extended, no details on the financials shared or length of deal. but it was a terrible deal so by extending it I think this is bad news Discuss
  5. OneTrueLegend

    Fans can now watch Everton for less as Sky Sports launch new channels

    Just read this online, basically Sky are changing how they charge for the sports channels, you can still have them all for £27.50 per month, or you can choose to just have individual channels or a mix. But when you realise that to have all the Football you need 2 channels ("Premier League" and...
  6. OneTrueLegend

    Could we play 3-4-3?

    Having watched Chelsea have a lot of joy with this formation this year, it has lead me to question; Could we play 3-4-3? With the players we have got and the lack of a creative central midfielder, I think we could use this to our advantage;
  7. OneTrueLegend

    Wissam Ben Yedder

    According to EFCFEELINGBLUE.COM everton have been linked to Wissam Ben Yedder. The Toulouse midfielder is 22 years old, capped at French U21 level and has already scored 6 goals for his club this season. Villa are supposed to be interested as well...
  8. OneTrueLegend

    One in, One Out?

    Is it just me or is the signing of a midfielder, Darron Gibson, paves the way for someone else to leave? Perhaps I am being cynical, but Rodwell has been linked with Chelsea and Manchester United since last season, both need to make a signing or two to keep up with City And this morning I...
  9. OneTrueLegend

    Yobo, did he jump or was he pushed?!

    according to the echo, because Yobo pulled out of the Benfica game in the stadium of light, even though the physio said he was ok to play, and we had to play Hibbert at CB and got battered, Moyes has decided to bin off Yobo. Nothing would surprise me in football, but do we think this is accurate...
  10. OneTrueLegend

    Martin Petrov, Sylvinho and Benjani. - Would you have any of them?

    According to the news report below Martin Petrov, Sylvinho and Benjani have been released by Man City, Would you have any of them at Everton? MANCHESTER CITY have started a summer clearout by releasing Martin Petrov, Sylvinho and Benjani. The experienced trio have all been deemed surplus...
  11. OneTrueLegend

    Everton set to make swoop for spurs duo

    On the Mirror website is says we have made a £12M offer for Bentley and Hutton. What do we think, fact or fiction? Would we want them if it is true? Personally I can only hope that it is true, even if it means we are spending the lescott money (before he is even sold?) Everton set to...
  12. OneTrueLegend

    Moyes needs to get real

    Its not that I dont admire moyes' ambition, but is it just me or is anyone else annoyed that Moyes keeps saying we need "quality" signings not "quantity". When it is clear for all to see that we cannot afford the sort of quality moyes wants, Moutinho £16M Wagner Love £15M Lorick Cana £20M...
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