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  1. bilyaletdinov_

    Best Fans in the World

  2. bilyaletdinov_

    Of The Decade....

    Saw a tweet earlier asking fans to outline the following Best Signing of the Decade: Worst Signing of the Decade: Best Manager of the Decade: Worst Manager of the Decade: Best Moment of the Decade: Would be interested in seeing what everyone thinks!
  3. bilyaletdinov_

    Dream Signing

    Our most expensive signing ever was Marouane Fellaini for around £15m I believe, my question is for the same fee who would you love to bring to the club? I'd have to say Eriksen or Kagawa
  4. bilyaletdinov_

    Everton's Puskás Award

    With all this talk of 'Shameless' Coleman's lucky winner this weekend, it got me thinking what a good goal should be judged on and what our 'best' goal this season has been. For me it's Lukaku's vs. Southampton Beautiful one touch football, a cracking finish and more importantly a winner!
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