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  1. Hayee

    An Open Letter to David Moyes

    Dear David, You may wonder why I'm writing this now, and didn't during the pre season/summer. I took time out to reflect on the happenings and to work out exactly what I wanted to say. Firstly, I must thank you for your 11 years of service to Everton; you gave us hope during...
  2. Hayee

    FAO Club Officials re: Park End Scoreboard

    Please please can we have our scoreboard back now? We'll even have a whip round for some energy saving lightbulbs for it and do fundraisers to pay for its running costs - I still look over to it to check the time/minutes left. I miss the quirky little animations, such as the waggy finger and...
  3. Hayee

    Hayee's Investment Thread!

    n.b - mods, please don't merge this or anything, Danny told me it was fine to post in here Okay, I’m not writing this from pro-Kenwright perspective as such, this is my opinion and I’m just expressing my views as a Blue! I’ve sat in the same seat for 17 years and the day Kenwright took...
  4. Hayee

    Charity Match for the Everton former players foundation brilliant idea and looks set to be a good day with Big Joe Royle once again managing his beloved blues! Great for all the family and to introduce the kids to your heroes of the past! Tickets on sale now via the official...
  5. Hayee

    Moyes hater§

    I hope you're eating your words now! Those of you who slate Moyes, Howard, Neville, Louis etc... MERRY CHRISTMAS! We played as a team, even with 10 men. No egos, no messing, no fuss!!!
  6. Hayee

    Onward Evertonians

    Don't let your pride be moved! I'm a bit disheartened with the posts of late! We were awful against West Brom yet we should have beaten Chelsea! Yesterday, we didn't play that bad. We kept the ball pretty well, we passed well, we got forward well, we just lacked the cutting edge! Its all...
  7. Hayee

    Donovan to Fulham?

    Again more rubbish hopefully... ffs stop annoying us Sunday PEOPLE
  8. Hayee

    Pienaar to Spurs?

    In todays People buggar off arl wobbly head, and i doubt Pienaar will want to warm the bench darn sarf
  9. Hayee

    Arteta's goal v Man C, Lescotts reaction

    Not sure if its been mentioned but i feel it deserves its own thread. Did anyone else see how gutted he looked after Arteta's goal? I think he secretly regrets leaving - well, apart from his new wage packet anyway! Injury free for the duration of his time with us compared to missing about half...
  10. Hayee

    RIP Harry Catterick

    25 years today. Thankyou for all you did for our club, there will never be anyone like you! We will never forget
  11. Hayee

    Gary Neville

    It was on the radio earlier that apparently neville neville's eldest will be joining us on a free in the summer. Personally, i'll cry and would rather have Ball back if we need cover. And if its an old, slow defender we need then lets have unsy, stubbsy or waggy back because they're one of us...
  12. Hayee

    Philip Nikodem Jagielka

    I love him. He's our best centre back, consistent and solid. Overcame immense pressure and the memory of missing against Fiorentina to convert the winning penalty at Wembley in the fa cup semi final. His appearance in the final cruelly snatched away with a career threatening injury that has kept...
  13. Hayee

    Captain Nev

    Just sharing with those of you who haven't seen, a quote from phil neville's page in the matchday programme "Steven Pienaar's goal was the talk of The Emirates and quite rightly so. It was an astonishing piece of skill and composure and deserved to be a winner. I've been teaching him how to...
  14. Hayee

    Distin back in training

    Top story on the OS, must be why the Neill offer was accepted
  15. Hayee

    What song do you miss the most?

    We've had some fantastic and not so fantastic songs over the years, i just want to know which song you miss singing the most. For me is HAS to be Duncan, Duncan Ferguson, currently though its Follow Follow Follow... Your turn!
  16. Hayee

    James Vaughan or Victor Anichebe?

    Okay boys and girls, here's how we'll play it. Imagine both are fully fit and try to forget about their respective injury problems (Vaughan's knee's/ Anichebe's back etc... I mention these two specifically as they've kept them out a fair few times) Who would you prefer in your starting xi? Who...
  17. Hayee

    James Vaughan

    I ******* love you lad, noone deserved the goal more after all you've been through. Onward and upward!
  18. Hayee

    Duncan Ferguson

    Happy Birthday big fella, we miss you!
  19. Hayee

    Jo to go?

    Daily mail says we're looking into the possibility of sending jo back and spending his wages elsewhere. Crosses fingers!
  20. Hayee

    Phil Neville

    He's back. YEEEESSSS!
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