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  1. Verbal Kint

    Team for Southampton ( this is no match preview)

    As it currently stands play players wise. Pickford Godfrey Keane. Holgate Coleman. Digne Gbamin Allan. Doucoure James DCL Subs...
  2. Verbal Kint

    Match Thread Everton v Leicester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Everton welcome Gary Lineker's pride and joy to Goodison on Wednesday night, it's games like this that really makes me wish this Covid would just bugger off and we could all go to the match under lights. The Foxes under Brendan Rodgers are a well drilled machine, they have bought well in recent...
  3. Verbal Kint


    Morning after another terrible draw, seems strange typing that giving we have just drawn away to the league champions and got a midweek point at the home of league contenders. I really feel this season to be among the most frustrating seasons so far since I started supporting Everton 30 odd...
  4. Verbal Kint

    Strength in Depth

    Roberto is slowly building a squad with a huge amount of options. Our second choice team would comfortably survive in the league in my opinion Robles Holgate/Hibbert Galloway Funes Mori Oviedo Besic Gibson Naismith Osman Mirallas Cleverly I couldn't even bring myself to give McGeady a game...
  5. Verbal Kint

    Micky Quinn Talksport

    This lovable red rouge us about to talk about Everton now on Talksport.
  6. Verbal Kint

    Everton 85 vs Chelsea

    How would that Everton team stack up against the Champion's elect of this season, the reason I'm asking is this side consisted entirely of British/ Irish (Ok Sheedy was Welsh I think), giving the foreign influx since the premier league started is it possible to ever win the league again using...
  7. Verbal Kint

    Can't be bothered anymore

    Stayed away this last night as I knew the fume would have tipped me over the edge, mood is better this morning but reality has set on big time. Everton Football Club will never dine at the top table again in my lifetime. Now I know that might be a pretty ridiculous thing to say and I know ill...
  8. Verbal Kint


    A lot has been said about what we need to add to the squad, a keeper was my own priority at the start of the window but giving Joel's performance recently I wouldn't fancy David Marshall for £8m now.We know we need another defender and we are crying out for another winger or two, in order to add...
  9. Verbal Kint

    Arouna Kone

    Arouna Kone confirmed in the #EFC u-21s team for tonight After his long injury spell and his camel adventure 31 year old Arouna Kone is back for the under 21s tonight.
  10. Verbal Kint

    home tickets

    Brother of mine who has absolutely no interest in football is taking my daft Blue nephew (my doing) over from Ireland for his first game. He is looking at the Lille or West Ham games as possible dates. I advised him the Park End (I usually sit here) is probably the safest place to sit as regards...
  11. Verbal Kint

    4pm announcement Barkley Signs new 4 year deal [Dont post GIFS]

    Apologies if covered in other threads. TWITTER in meltdown because Everton have announced a 4 o clock press conference. All media have been asked to finch farm.So what is it?? Lukaku New contract for Ross Henen Besic Galloway New Stadium Dubai owners ossie testimonial Hibbo scores at training...
  12. Verbal Kint

    Sell to Improve??

    As the silly summer transfer season approaches and every Everton player with half a pulse is linked to the sky 4 clubs, every Evertonian dreads this part of the season, we hope that Barkley sign's a new contract, we hope John Stones doesn't attract a serious monster bid that Bill and the board...
  13. Verbal Kint

    Battle for 4th

    Its fantastic that we can look forward to next Sundays game still dreaming of a champions league place, considering how we all felt entering injury time against Cardiff it's been an amazing turnaround in both our form and the form of the Gunners. I have had a look at the remaining fixtures both...
  14. Verbal Kint

    Would we have Beckham type

    Im new to this site.. So take it easy on me Looking at Ssn this morning i have seen David Beckham's blueprint for a new stadium on the Miami waterfront, as usual when i hear the words "new stadium" or "new owners" i immediately think of Goodison and Bill Kenwright. My opinions on Kenwright and...
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