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  1. The Hibbert Agenda

    All or Nothing: Everton

    How do we arrange this? To have cameras on this club for a season Would be the only way to find out what the hell is going on…
  2. The Hibbert Agenda

    Penalty Taker 19/20

    Hi guys, If we were to sign Zaha I imagine we'll be awarded a stupid amount of penalties over the season. With Gylfi missing 2 last season, can we expect him to be on duty this season? Or will it likely be Richarlison? * Need to lock down the right player for my draft team
  3. The Hibbert Agenda

    Sam Byrne

    We did it! We signed someone from somewhere else! Former Manchester United Youth player Sam Byrne joins the blues! How long until we hear his name again?
  4. The Hibbert Agenda

    Evertonian World Cup Winners

    As far as I'm aware only Ray Wilson won the world cup while an Everton player. The only other players I can think of who have been Everton players and won the world cup (at separate points) are Materazzi and the mighty Shkodran Mustafi Are there any others?
  5. The Hibbert Agenda

    Everton's best 2013-2014 gifs

    There have been some beauties this season!
  6. The Hibbert Agenda

    The return of Heitinga

    He's going to somehow injure 2 players and get another sent off before scoring a last minute header. Right?
  7. The Hibbert Agenda

    Everton to contact Liverpool over fan complaints.

    Club Statement Wednesday 29th January 2014 16:51 Everton to contact Liverpool over fan complaints. Club Statement We are aware of a significant number of complaints regarding queue management from supporters waiting to enter Anfield at last night's derby match. The Club will make...
  8. The Hibbert Agenda

    The Loan Market

    Hi guys--- What are the specific limitations in terms of loans atm. I understand Barry and Lukaku had to be completed by 11pm last night, but what about us loaning out youngsters? Can loans to the lower leagues still happen? I think its absolutely vital for Duffy to get out so that he can...
  9. The Hibbert Agenda

    Everton (& rest of EPL) Finances in real terms

    Attached is the link to recent SwissRamble article on Prem League finances: Quite interesting stuff in general, and nicely summarizes just how badly functioning EFC's financial model is
  10. The Hibbert Agenda

    Everton U21s

    So as of yesterday Everton's U21 won their league with 2 games to spare, which is no mean feat so congrats to them. For those who have been watching the games, what are thoughts on those involved? Any ready for the step up yet? I understand the league is broken up into several different...
  11. The Hibbert Agenda

    Everton Beer

    So as background, I am from Cape Town South Africa. A good friend of mine who was working on a restoration on an old abandoned warehouse near the airport, found a can of beer while exploring the warehouse's offices. The building had been abandoned and locked for over 20 years. Knowing how much...
  12. The Hibbert Agenda

    Daylon Claasen

    The news making the rounds this morning is that South African international midfielder is due to arrive at Everton for a trial today. This was reported by most South African football websites as well as the website of...
  13. The Hibbert Agenda

    GIFs that sum up players

    So in the same way that is the ultimate Andy Carroll gif (makes me cry every time) Yesterday a friend sent me this and I couldn't help but think of Phil Neville any other ones that people maybe hold onto? Especially for EFC players? Nothing makes me laugh on the forums quite like...
  14. The Hibbert Agenda

    Moyes' Cup Record (a comparison)

    So after reading forever about how Moyes' bottles it all the time in the Cup format of the game while other clubs like Portsmouth, Swansea, Birmingham have all won it (the likes of Cardiff, Bradford, Wigan, etc have made finals), I decided to go and analyse who the managers are that have...
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