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  1. Death

    Everton need to calm down

    Does he have a point?
  2. Death

    Media from Crystanbul 2

    Can lads that have goals and other great footage of the celebrations stick it here please. Instead of having to sift through the match thread.
  3. Death

    Manager poll *second International break

    How do we feel so far?
  4. Death

    How boss have Gray and Townsend been?

  5. Death

    What's your verdict on Marcel Brands?

    It's time we got a consensus.
  6. Death

    Memories of when we got relegated in a friendly

    Excerpts from the United Friendly match thread.....
  7. Death

    New Benitez Poll

    With a flawless pre-season and already a trophy in the cabinet. Where does Benitez stand now?
  8. Death

    David Moyes favourite to take the job

    Welcome home @orly @Moomin
  9. Death

    Everton WACC speculation

    The Gotstapo shut down the high octane discussion on WACC just when it was getting good. @catcherintherye @gwladysnight let's get a deep dive going. Maybe @davek can offer a different perspective. LET'S BEGIN
  10. Death

    Plotting our downfall.

    It goes without saying that it's the negative vibes being put out by a contingent of the fans resulting in why we have failed at the last hurdle. Predicting/wanting us to lose every game to confirm thier unreasonable floppy hatred for most successful manager Carlo Ancelotti. What can be done...
  11. Death

    Match Thread Everton v Tottenham Hotspur - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Make it 3 in 3 Carlo. Work your magic. Destroy the subhuman plotters. Carlo out? Scumbags.
  12. Death

    Match Thread Everton v Crystal Palace - Match Report and MotM Poll

    Get the match thread up Tipperary Chico. You Muhammad statue mentalist.
  13. Death

    Our kids have finally seen a derby win

    There's select group of toffees that have gone through primary school and secondary and have not had to the opportunity to see us win at Anfeild. I'm so sorry. There's a group of kids that have gone through primary and deep into secondary to not experience a derby win in any circumstances...
  14. Death

    How are the RS handling it in work?

    Your stories please.
  15. Death

    Match Thread Everton v Newcastle - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Up next for Everton it's the kopites of the far north, the lovable horse punching Newcastle United. Last time against them we played a shocking 5 center midfielders in the middle with Dom up top. Giving them way too much respect. Ghosts of the first half hour of the Leicester game just gone...
  16. Death

    Worst Debut you ever seen from a player who turned out decent.

    In recent memory, well nearly 11 years now I'd have to go with Sheamus Coleman. Played against Benfica in the Europa and got absolutely rinsed at LB lost the ball every opportunity couldn't tackle to save his life and kept getting beat. It was a horror show. We lost 5 -0 n'all. I was looking out...
  17. Death

    FA cup draw tonight

    Liverpool away. Heard it here first. We owe a bunch of 14 year olds a good seeing to from the last time.
  18. Death

    video on our finances

  19. Death

    Our New ColombianToffees

    I, for one, welcome our new Colombian overlords.
  20. Death

    Modern jerseys are crap

    I just got my 1966 retro jersey delivered. It’s absolutely boss and brilliant material. No adverts. If one thing has declined in footy it’s the jersey. Discuss.
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